Sweet Poison Quit Plan

Sweet Poison Quit Plan The Sweet Poison Quit Plan is the long awaited how to supplement to the best selling Sweet Poison It features an overview of why sugar is bad and why we get addicted a five step plan to kicking the ha

  • Title: Sweet Poison Quit Plan
  • Author: DavidGillespie
  • ISBN: 9780670074440
  • Page: 381
  • Format: Paperback
  • The Sweet Poison Quit Plan is the long awaited how to supplement to the best selling Sweet Poison It features an overview of why sugar is bad and why we get addicted a five step plan to kicking the habit tailored advice for men and women a guide to sugar free shopping how to read the labels and what is safe unsafe in each supermarket aisle recipes for sugarThe Sweet Poison Quit Plan is the long awaited how to supplement to the best selling Sweet Poison It features an overview of why sugar is bad and why we get addicted a five step plan to kicking the habit tailored advice for men and women a guide to sugar free shopping how to read the labels and what is safe unsafe in each supermarket aisle recipes for sugar free treats think ice cream and cakes advice on living sugar free with kidsPacked with reader anecdotes and lists to help you organise your sugar free life, this book presents one of the most accessible and achievable strategies around for losing weight and avoiding some of the pernicious lifestyle diseases that are increasingly associated with excessive sugar consumption Gillespie is an informed and entertaining writer who makes his subject fascinating, and inspires with his passion and logic.

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      David Gillespie is a recovering corporate lawyer, former co founder of a successful software company and investor in several software startups.He is also the father of six young children including one set of twins With such a lot of extra time on his hands, and 40 extra kilos on his waistline, he set out to investigate why he, like so many in his generation, was fat.He deciphered the latest medical findings on diet and weight gain and what he found was chilling Being fat was the least of his problems He needed to stop poisoning himself.His first book, Sweet Poison, published in 2008 is widely credited with starting the current Australian wave of anti sugar sentiment His most recent book, Toxic Oil, takes the arguments in Sweet Poison and extends them to the widespread use of seed oils in the modern diet.In his next book, Free Schools, David applies his investigative skills to solving one of the other great problems every parent knows well how to choose the best school for their kids.

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    1. I bought this book, read it in a day, then decided I couldn't possibly cut sugar out of my diet and put it on my bookshelf. However, all the newspaper headlines about the adverse effects of sugar kept it in my awareness. Then I just decided that I didn't want to count calories or measure every ounce of food anymore. I just wanted my appetite to work normally. I didn't want to crave sweet foods all the time. So, I re-read the book and decided to go cold turkey.I haven't regretted it. I've lost th [...]

    2. I bought this in 2010 and was convinced to try giving up sugar for good - I lasted 6 months, until an overseas trip put me in front of sweet pastry displays on enough occasions to push me off the wagon. My health improved dramatically off sugar, my roller-coaster emotions stabilised, and I had so much more energy.I'll be reading this again soon to remind me why I need to kick the sugar habit.n - Gillespie provides compelling evidence in this easy to follow 'plan', including recipes and helpful t [...]

    3. So. I need to lose weight. I also eat a lot of sugar. In fact I think I am addicted to the stuff. A while ago on my trawl around - I found a little book called "OMG I would die without Chocolate - how I quit sugar and didn't kill anyone".Well with a title like that I had to read it. Turns out it was the true short story of how a reader managed when they did the Sweet Poison Quit Plan. Which of course meant then I had to buy the damned Sweet Poison Plan.Now this book could join my shelves of die [...]

    4. I am a sugar addict - I admit it. Late last year, I became aware of the damage it was doing to my body - particularly to my liver.This book gives some strategies to help me change my way of eating and warns of the perils of so-called "low fat" foods. I was choosing the low-fat options and couldn't understand why I kept gaining weight. This book has de-mystified some of the reasons behind weight-gain.I particularly like the "tongue in cheek" Australian approach to this very serious issue.

    5. Now The Sweet Poison Quit Plan is another of those books I've seen when I was in Australia, not bought when I was there and spend ages finding on the internet. For over 13 years I've lived without, with a small measure of sugar of gorging on it. So there's a need to break the habit.David Gillespie is an Australian man who decided to ban sugar from his life and in the book he offers a well informed argument against the use of sugar, especially the fructose type of sugar. We can have that kind of [...]

    6. Clearly informative of all aspects of sugar, where it lurks, substitutions, a total sugar detox plan with a full description of symtoms you may experience while detoxing from all forms of sugar in your diet.I was not happy that he totally shut out vegans and vegetarians completely, not a solitary word was mentioned about adapting the detox and the plan itself to those who can not or will not eat meat, fish, fowl, eggs or dairy.Also I found it disconcerting to bang on about buying bag after bag o [...]

    7. It was a very interesting book, very enlightening. It's almost completely convinced me not to eat sugar, and maybe another reading or two would REALLY convince me. His research is very clearly explained, but I question his logic of saying we should replace sweet foods with chips without it causing any health problems.

    8. I know that I eat too much sugar, and I expected this book to make me feel guilty. However, Gillespie focuses on explaining how the body handles (or doesn't )all the sugar that it consumes. It is not a pretty picture- fructose being the main villain. Will I give up sugar completely because I read this book? No. But I will think twice before I pop some m& m's just because they are in front of me.

    9. was very interesting. David show balanced views putting forward evidence for thinks he said was fact, telling when it was opinion and all way eager for you to think about it and make up your own mind.

    10. Brilliant & has helped to change my life. However, I gave it only 4 stars as it can be a little repetitive. Still, I HIGHLY recommend it.

    11. Gillespie's writing style irritated me immensely. He really needs to research healthier alternatives, he lost me when recommending feeding my children vegemite and toast for breakfast

    12. Motivating and easy to read, it has helped me get started on reducing sugar in my diet in practical ways. Not so into the recipes which use other sweeteners though.

    13. A customer of mine lent me this book to read however i only skim read it as i didn’t want to borrow it for too long as there are recipes in the back that she was using. I don’t think that was the best idea as i got the overall picture but there were some things i missed, now having bought it and read it again properly.The book is basically the follow on from Sweet Poison: Why Sugar Makes Us Fat (which i have not read but am planning to) in that it briefly tells us what sugar is doing to our [...]

    14. An easy to read, credible explanation of why sugar is so bad for you. Also includes plenty of practical advice on how to quit sugar, what to buy and what to avoid. Somewhat repetitive but I guess no harm hearing the same message a few times to drive home the point. Haven't had sugar for a few weeks now and I really don't have any interest in eating sweet food. Nice not to have to think of avoiding certain foods.

    15. An excellent, very well researched book. It is a little light on when it come to what people with diabetes type II might eat without danger, but overall it suggests a very sensible eating plan. It raises many very interesting facts. A must read for all people living in our Western society.

    16. This book scared me! I am an ice-cream and chocoholic, and I also love the occasional glass of dry white wine and Prosecco. That is easy enough to eliminate, I guess, but what really scared me is the hidden sugar in our food that is sneaked in there and which we become addicted to through stealth. All credit to David for losing 6 stones through giving up sugar. I tend to cook meals from scratch and don't use cooking sauces or eat ready meals at all, and have never had sugar in coffee or on fruit [...]

    17. I loved the introduction and I have been convinced of the basic premise (sugar = trouble) but on the whole I wanted this book to tell me more. I wanted it to be a nutritional fountain of knowledge. Alas, this book is the Ronseal of nutrition-writing. Sugar is bad - stop eating it because it messes with the ability of the body to regulate hunger. The rest of the book is just a fluffing out of this sentence with evidence from research.Personally, if I am going to wave goodbye to refined sugar then [...]

    18. Borrowed it from the library after a 7 month wait for it after watching to documentary on tv. I need another read but can't face the cue again. Wife was really impressed but she knows much about food as our child is type 1 diabetic. She now has given up added sugar where possible cutting cakes biscuits etc and watching for added sugar in store brought products. She has found it really easy to ditch and we both feel better without it. She has lost a couple of kg without even trying but it's taken [...]

    19. I think this book is very good if you enter into it with both an open mind and, preferably, little knowledge of sugar and the effects it has on the body. Sound odd? Well, I say this because the book would contain very little for anyone with the previously mentioned knowledge. It would be little more than a fairly good, if limited, sugar free recipe book along with some advice and anecdotes on keeping clear of sugar. As a working explanation of how sugar affects us, it's excellent. I came away fr [...]

    20. Absolutely eye opening. Brilliant! Although I'm not sure I can avoid the Black Forest Hot Chocolate at Costa. Christmas is swiftly approaching. This may not be a good time to get it on with the world of no-sugaror rather less than 10g a day). I'm on Day One of withdrawal and I am positively gagging for a sweet hot drink. I'm going to keep going though and see how we do. I'm totally convinced that Sugar is evil (yet still oh so yummy at this moment in time) I'll let you know how I'm doing if I'm [...]

    21. Borrowed this off a friend and it is very interesting. The argument is that we are getting fatter due to the amount of sucrose and fructose added to pretty much every processed food we eat. Note: glucose is not an issue nor is fructose in its natural state (ie fruit and vegetables) just the fructose added in. Our sugar consumption has risen horrifically over the past 50 years, obesity coincidence? We aren't overweight, nor do we struggle with our weight if we exercise in our house, but I object [...]

    22. Like most diet books, this one concentrates on more protein and some carbs. Where it differs is that it does not care about fat apart from avoiding anything labelled "low fat". Its main proposal is that all refined sugar must be eliminated. This is not just the obvious sugar in the coffee and sweets but all the hidden sugar in sauces, drinks and juices. I cannot comment on the science proposed. Fortunately there is little of the zealotry common in such books. It's now a matter of putting it to t [...]

    23. I really have to admit that 3 years down the line I still have the book in mind when it comes to deciding what to eat. I also read the much more practical “I quit Sugar” and have to say that together, these two books literally made me quit. Whenever I eat or drink sweet stuff ever, like juice, it feels much sweeter than it used to and I don’t want much of it or put it down completely. I haven’t gone back to above 16% body fat since whilst i used to be 22%.

    24. This is a practical book for anyone who is conscious that they're eating too much sugar, but doesn't know how to cut down. The author takes you on a really helpful trip through the supermarket, listing the sugar content of specific foods like breakfast cereal, breads and spreads. He also lists meal plans, provides recipes, and suggests solutions for common obstacles in no-sugar households, like what to do about kids parties, adolescent sleepovers, lunch box envy and the sort.

    25. Really great book as it opens your eyes about the importance and effects of sugar. I have now successfully stopped eating sugar for a week and I went through major withdrawals. It's not like I ate much sugar to begin with but it just showed how bad it actually is for you. Now I have to admit I feel great. And less puffy.

    26. A shocking book, detailing the research that all seems to prove that modern diets are unhealthy, not because they contain too much fat, or even sugar, but specifically fructose. The facts given are persuasive, I just don't know if I have it in me to make my home sugar free, I might seriously loose my teens if I did!

    27. After reading "a year of no sugar" decided to give this one a shot. I don't think I could ever entirely give up sugar, but I learned soooo much about the detriments of fructose and alternatives to eat / bake with. Avocado on wheat toast with lemon juice and salt and pepper is one of my new favorite breakfasts and snacks!

    28. A colleague (ex-sugarholic) gave this to me after a discussion about sugar intake. I do not believe I have a chronic sugar problem but this book was an eye-opener in the sense that it give me a much better understanding of the sugar additives in food and how surreptitiously food manufacturers try to dupe the consumer.

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