The Spanish Game

The Spanish Game For six years Alec Milius has been trying to escape his past but his past refuses to release him Abandoned by MI after a disastrous operation against the CIA Milius has slowly rebuilt his life in

  • Title: The Spanish Game
  • Author: Charles Cumming
  • ISBN: 9780141017839
  • Page: 421
  • Format: Paperback
  • For six years, Alec Milius has been trying to escape his past, but his past refuses to release him Abandoned by MI6 after a disastrous operation against the CIA, Milius has slowly rebuilt his life in Madrid Older and wiser than the young spy who first caught the eye of British Intelligence, Milius still has a talent for deception and a fatal weakness for secrets So whenFor six years, Alec Milius has been trying to escape his past, but his past refuses to release him Abandoned by MI6 after a disastrous operation against the CIA, Milius has slowly rebuilt his life in Madrid Older and wiser than the young spy who first caught the eye of British Intelligence, Milius still has a talent for deception and a fatal weakness for secrets So when a prominent politician disappears under suspicious circumstances, Milius can t resist tracking him down But the rules have changed Alec is now working alone, outside the boundaries of any official agency Paranoid and expendable, he soon becomes vulnerable to the ruthless duplicities of a secret world in which no one can be trusted Yet as he comes face to face with the nightmare of modern terror, Alec is given one last chance for redemption.

    The Spanish Game Alec Milius by Charles Cumming Feb , Community Reviews The Spanish Game is the second adventure of Alec Milius Alec is young, self centered, duplicitous he lies reflexively and instinctively methodical, intelligent and extremely paranoid, i.e the perfect spy which is why he was recruited by the British Intelligence Service straight out of college. The Spanish Game A Novel Alec Milius The Spanish Game has a far intriguing plot than its predecessor a deeply twisted tale involving the Basque liberation movement and a rogue dirty war element in the Spanish government Its sense of place, mostly in Madrid, is vivid. Chess Openings The Spanish Game Ruy Lopez Chess Openings The Spanish Game Ruy Lopez The Spanish Game is an attack for White out of the King s Knight Opening e e Nf Nc White goes after the black knight that defends the centre pawn with a swift bishop strike Bb Development of this opening is credited to Ruy Lopez de Segura, a Spanish Priest from The Spanish Game PublishersWeekly The Spanish Game Charles Cumming, Author Alec Milius, the protagonist of Cumming s well received first novel, A Spy by Nature , has created a new life in Madrid working as a researcher for a British private bank in this sterling sequel His former employer, MI, dismissed him in disgrace after a plot against the CIA went wrong. reviewingtheevidence THE SPANISH GAME, by THE SPANISH GAME is Cumming s second Alec Milius spy thriller, following A SPY BY NATURE In his first appearance, newly recruited Secret Intelligence Service SIS agent Alec Milius faces unexpected dangers, double cross, and the gradual loss of his identity Now living in exile and anonymity in The Spanish Game by by Charles Cumming Summary and reviews Beyond the Book Like many spy thrillers, The Spanish Game is awash in an alphabet soup of acronyms Below is a brief translation for the uninitiated MI Military Intelligence, Section . Formed in , MI is a UK counter intelligence and security agency which concentrates its Game in Spanish English to Spanish Translation SpanishDict many people regard life as a game you win some, you lose some to have a game with don t take it the wrong way he s only having a game with you to make a game of sth there are endless ways to make a game out of practice Demiris mathematical mind made a game of exacting retribution to make a game of it, she painted bright pictures on The Spanish Game Alec Milius Book Download PDF for Free Daily Mail London on The Spanish Game Tautly written, cleverly plottedreminded me strongly of the early books of John le Carre Robert Harris, author of The Ghost, on A Spy by Nature Six years ago, Alec Milius was released by MI after a disasterous operation. Let s Play Awesome Online Games to Learn Spanish Let s Play Awesome Online Games to Learn Spanish Word Toss Word Toss is the perfect game for beginners who want to learn new words in Spanish while being a little silly It s similar in concept to the Advanced Vocabulary Builder below, but it s been created Spanish Learning Games for Kids Rockalingua Browse our selection of original interactive games below that are design to assist parents and teachers with kids learning Spanish These Spanish games for kids act as fun ways to learn about colors, parts of the body, numbers, days of the week, feelings, and much en Espanol Our games currently work on computers and tablets.

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    1. Charles Cumming

      Charles Cumming is British writer of spy fiction His international bestselling thrillers including A Spy By Nature, The Spanish Game, Typhoon and The Trinity Six A former British Secret Service recruit, he is a contributing editor of The Week magazine and lives in Londonarlescumming

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    1. Onvan : The Spanish Game (Alec Milius #2) - Nevisande : Charles Cumming - ISBN : 014101783X - ISBN13 : 9780141017839 - Dar 480 Safhe - Saal e Chap : 2006

    2. The liar is always vulnerable to his own deceit.Five years on from a botched industrial espionage project for MI6, Alec Milius is living in exile in Madrid. He works for English investment bank Endiom and is sleeping with his employer Julian’s Spanish wife, Sofía. Old habits die hard: he is constantly vigilant of being followed, keeping a bag of funds and false passport ready for escape. His domestic routine is disrupted by the arrival of Saul, his oldest friend from England, whose marriage h [...]

    3. This second book in the Alec Milius series finds our young ex-spy living in secret in Madrid, sleeping with his boss's wife and basically hiding out from both the British and the Americans. In the first book in this in series, Alec was involved in a bit of misdirection with the CIA, but has been on the run since it ended poorly and his girlfriend died under mysterious circumstances. Alec has three passports, using multiple fake names and practices his spy craft on everyone. Alec befriends a ex m [...]

    4. I'm so glad that I went back and re-read "A Spy By Nature" before I started this sequel. You need to understand the reasons for his paranoia to be able to get into this story. As another reviewer commented, I wouldn't want to know Alec Milius, but in this book, I did have some sympathy for him. It is, I think, better written than its predecessor, particularly in terms of sustaining the pace, despite a lot of interesting exposition about the Basque struggle. It twists and turns and, like Alec, yo [...]

    5. moer plot twists than a plate of spaghetti, involving mi5 mi6 cia gal eta, set about 2003 in madrid and san sebastianex has been let go from mi6 and has been living underground for 5 years (cia fucked him royal, and he was both very sad about that, and fired), but he's finally getting on his feet again in madrid, then solves a big case and thinks london is going to ask him/bring him back from out the cold. not so though.good book on settings, logistics, geopolitics, fairness.i would read more ch [...]

    6. I really liked this book until the end. I'm very interested in Spanish politics and Basque affairs and I loves how the author covered them but I felt the ending was bad. It was too abrupt and didn't tie up a lot of loose ends. Very disappointing.

    7. Alec Milius is a complex protagonist. Definitely flawed, but an intriguing and, at times, narcissistic former British spy leaving the ex-pat/exile life in Madrid. After flaming out with SIS (MI-5) in stunning fashion, he flees England for Spain where he works part-time for a British-run bank. While there, he gets involved with his boss's wife and that weirdly draws him into a complex web of political scandal, dirty wars, and triple-crossings. This ain't Jason Bourne, not by a longshot. Nor is it [...]

    8. alec milius quit the spying game 6 years ago - or so he thought he lives in exile in madrid after being thrown out by the secret service. has a job with a private bank and is bedding his boss's wife h/e he is lured back by the disappearance of a prominent politician who he met thru the bank and works alone to find the answer thus unravels a novel of modern terror set in spain with all it's opposing forces brilliant research both hostorical and geographically 2 unanswered questions - why did he a [...]

    9. Every bit as enjoyable as the prequel "A Spy by Nature" Cumming continues to engage the reader with clever narrative in "The Spanish Game." While I am only vaguely familiar with the Basque conflict, in the author's note, Cumming states that the book had been written with respect for opinions on both sides. It is never too late for a history lesson and I especially like a story that educates. And I always find it interesting when reviewers totally disagree, in this case on the ending. Regardless [...]

    10. Another great read from Charles Cumming. I hope he comes out with another Alec Milius book someday. I like these thrillers because they're more thinking than action-oriented.

    11. Fun, twisty, spy thriller is thoroughly enjoyable especially for anyone who knows Madrid, San Sebastian, and a bit of the Basque history.

    12. Worthwhile for the alluring Madrid setting. The protagonist, Alex, is remarkably paranoid and an incredibly skillful eavesdropper.

    13. Intrigue and romance in Madrid in the waning days of Basque terrorismTyphoon and The Trinity Six, two of Charles Cumming’s half-dozen spy novels, are among my favorite espionage tales of recent times. The British press compares Cumming to John Le Carre and Len Deighton, and those two stellar examples clearly show why. For my taste, however, The Spanish Game doesn’t quite rise to their level — despite the fact that The Times of London describes it as one of the six finest spy novels of all [...]

    14. The Spanish Game is the second adventure of Alec Milius. Alec is young, self-centered, duplicitous - he lies reflexively and instinctively - methodical, intelligent and extremely paranoid, i.e. the perfect spy - which is why he was recruited by the British Intelligence Service straight out of college. Alec may not be the most likeable protagonist in a thriller series, but he is fascinating.In The Spanish Game, it's now six years after what transpired in the previous book, A Spy By Nature. Alec h [...]

    15. This is the sequel to A Spy by Nature. After destroying his embryonic career in the security services, seriously pissing off the CIA, and getting his ex-girlfriend killed, Milius is hiding out in Madrid. He has carved out a comfortable life: a nice apartment, money to live on, a low-key job in a bank, and a mistress. He utilizes the tradecraft learned as a spy to secure his well-being. It's a nice enough life but maybe a little empty and a tad boring.Excitement re-enters his life in the form of [...]

    16. I picked this up in that good bookstore at SFO in Terminal 3, heading off to an actual trip. I was carrying The Great Man and expected to finish it. Which I did, and was grateful for this one. I liked it, and a new author for me. You can read about the plot in any of the blurbs. In short: Former British spy, living in Madrid, no longer in the game, but gets sucked in. The sort of thing I would like. And Cumming pulls it off well. The happy surprise is that our first-person narrator, Alec Milius, [...]

    17. This is spy literature of the highest order, right up there with Le Carre.Alec Milius has lived in exile in Madrid since his bid to get in to MI5 six years previously went tits up when he blurted an unnecessary confession to his ex-girlfriend about the industrial espionage operation he was on, who is then tragically killed in a car accident, for which he blames the CIA.Madrid is treating Alec well, he lives in a nice apartment downtown, drives an A6, practices counter-surveillance, has his money [...]

    18. I read the first book of the Alec Milius series years ago but didn't remember much about it when I picked this book up. However, as I read some of the details came back to me. One of the interesting things about this series is the way Charles Cumming flips the espionage thriller on its head. There is much more tedium, insecurity, and general lack of excitement than Bourne movies or other famous spies lead you to believe in the life of a spy. While this may sound boring, it is enough of a twist t [...]

    19. After a disastrous operation six years ago, a disillusioned Alec Milius left MI6 and has been living under the radar ever since. He believes that both MI6 and the CIA, who figured in his last op, are looking for him, so he employs all the counter-surveillance techniques he learned as a spy: multiple phones, multiple email accounts, always on the watch for a tail. He’s landed in Madrid where he’s built a new life for himself, working for a banker, Julian Church, whose wife is Alec’s mistres [...]

    20. This is a follow up to A Spy by Nature A Novel, which I haven't read & maybe should for bits & pieces of this book to make more sense to me.Lots of people think this guy is the next Le Carre, but I'm not one of them. There are plenty of twists & turns in this & the writing is clean & effective, but ultimately I couldn't manage to care about the main character & in this book that was a problem for me.Cumming plots well, keeping the pieces of his puzzle in play quite easily [...]

    21. Alec Milius has been trying to escape his past He has been in danger and on the run for 6 years but his past refuses torelease him. He has been abandoned by MI6 after a disasterousoperation with the CIA. He has been rebuilding his life in Madrid where he now has a job, a flat and a relationship with the wrong woman. Alec has a fatal weakness for secrets so when a prominent politician disappears he can't resist tracking him down. The rules have changed though, he is now alone and out of the bound [...]

    22. Cumming's first book about Alec Milius ("A Spy by Nature") was so-so. This second chapter by Cumming about Alec Milius is better, and, in fact, makes me like the first book more when viewed together with this book as more of an integrated two-volume set. "The Spanish Game" has excellent character development, a provocative and semi-plausible plot involving Basque separatists in Spain, and dives much deeper than Cumming's first Milius book into his "addiction to espionage." After reading both boo [...]

    23. I'm not normally one for spy thrillers but this is the most enjoyable one I've ever read. I had read one of Cumming's early efforts and wasn't particularly impressed, which made this even more of a surprise. The plot is suitably complex but never baffling and takes its time to properly come to the boil.Much of the book is in fact a detailed character study of the anti-hero, a former SIS agent on self-imposed exile in Madrid after a botched job, whose attitudes to his former trade are somewhat co [...]

    24. I've enjoyed Charles Cumming's books so far, but I lost the plot a bit with this one and that may be because the author did as well. The first half - while initially promising- consisted mainly of Alec Milius being tiresomely paranoid and a bit of a misoginistic jerk - but we won't hold that against him. Lots of back story on ETA and the Basques, which was interesting for a while, but it became too convoluted with newly introduced but never to appear characters and doublecrosses. The main proble [...]

    25. This is a sequel to A Spy By Nature, and I think it is a helpful glimpse into the character of Alec Milius if that book is read first. Now Alec is a bitter expat (he's British) living in Madrid. What follows is a complicated, twisty plot that I found hard to comprehend (I usuallly find the plots in spy novels hard to follow). This one is based heavily on the Basque Separatist Movement. But, sometimes the twists are enough for me without fully comprehending the "why's" (I have always found this t [...]

    26. Another great spy thriller from Charles Cumming, packed full of cliff-hanging chapter endings and a plot that twists and turns all over the place. Second in his Alec Milius set of stories, it is set in Spain in 2003, where Alec has created a new existence for himself since his departure from Britain, after the events of the previous book A Spy By Nature. Although he now works for a British investment bank in Spain, Alec finds himself becoming caught up in the war between ETA and the Spanish gove [...]

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