A Deadly Cliché

A Deadly Clich While walking her poodle Olivia Limoges discovers a dead body buried in the sand Could it be connected to the bizarre burglaries plaguing Oyster Bay North Carolina At every crime scene the thieves

  • Title: A Deadly Cliché
  • Author: Ellery Adams
  • ISBN: 9780425240236
  • Page: 353
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • While walking her poodle, Olivia Limoges discovers a dead body buried in the sand Could it be connected to the bizarre burglaries plaguing Oyster Bay, North Carolina At every crime scene, the thieves set up odd tableaus a stick of butter with a knife through it, dolls with silver spoons in their mouths, a deck of cards with a missing queen Olivia realizes each setup reWhile walking her poodle, Olivia Limoges discovers a dead body buried in the sand Could it be connected to the bizarre burglaries plaguing Oyster Bay, North Carolina At every crime scene, the thieves set up odd tableaus a stick of butter with a knife through it, dolls with silver spoons in their mouths, a deck of cards with a missing queen Olivia realizes each setup represents a clich And who better to decode the clich clues than her Bayside Book Writers group

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      New York Times bestseller author, Ellery Adams, has written over thirty novels and can t imagine spending a day away from the keyboard Ms Adams, a Native New Yorker, has had a lifelong love affair with stories, food, rescue animals, and large bodies of water When not working on her next novel, she bakes, gardens, drinks vats of coffee, spoils her three cats, and snacks on black licorice She lives with her husband and two children aka the Trolls in North Carolina.Current Series Secret, Book, Scone Society Kensington Book Retreat Mysteries Kensington Books By the Bay Mysteries Berkley Prime Crime , Charmed Pie Shoppe Mysteries Berkley Prime Crime , Molly Appleby Antiques Collectibles Mysteries Beyond the Page , and Hope Street Mysteries Beyond the Page.For information, please visit elleryadamsmysteries

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    1. Olivia Limoges and her Oyster Bay Writers group return for the second in a series. While walking her standard poodle, Captain Haviland, Olivia makes a grisly discovery – the decomposing body of a man buried in the sand. It’s a holiday weekend and Chief Sawyer Rawlings has no missing person reports that match the victim. But before he can be identified a series of burglaries captures the attention of the residents. The burglars not only take all the valuables, but they leave behind odd tablea [...]

    2. Took a longer break than I thought with this. But I finally finished it. While continuing where I left off, it reminded me why I liked the first book and cozy mysteries in general. The fast paced, the characters, the book covers and settings. Oh and the mystery I guess. Anyway, this was a good sequel. I was going to give it a 3 but then near the end I upped the rating to a solid 4. Back in the mood to continue this series.

    3. These books just keep getting better! I definitely liked Olivia better in this one. So much went on in this book from the hurricane to the cliche killers and the upheaval in Olivia's personal life. Some good changes seem to be in place for future books.

    4. Summary:While walking her poodle, Olivia Limoges discovers a dead body buried in the sand. Could it be connected to the bizarre burglaries plaguing Oyster Bay, North Carolina? At every crime scene, the thieves set up odd tableaus: a stick of butter with a knife through it, dolls with silver spoons in their mouths, a deck of cards with a missing queen. Olivia realizes each setup represents a cliché. And who better to decode the cliché clues than her Bayside Book Writers group?Adding to the inte [...]

    5. I am really enjoying this series; I love the characters [they all feel very true-to-life and are people that I would want to hang out with] and I love the dynamic of the book. As I said in my previous review, this is a much more cerebral kind of cozy; there are still plenty of laughs and some of the characters are smart-mouth and sassy [which I love], but there is a "smartness" to these stories that is missing from your typical cozy. They make you think, they make you feel and in this one, it ma [...]

    6. People who read my reviews know I rarely give five stars, but I have to do so with this one. I love this book and this series. It's not often we get a protagonist like Olivia Limoges, especially in a cozy, who is so intelligent, independent, and strong-willed and yet who is also quite damaged because of her childhood traumas. Despite her losses, she's incredibly functional and slowly learning to be more open and trusting, something that is not easy for her. In the first book of the series, A KIL [...]

    7. A Deadly Cliche by Ellery AdamsCaptain Haviland has a heck of a job taking care of Olivia in this book. And, make no mistake, Olivia does need taking care of. Our strong woman sleuth stumbles upon a body while taking Captain Haviland on his morning run. Then she learns of robberies in the beloved town of Oyster Bay, NC.What is going on? Laurel, a member of the writing group, shares her dream of wanting to be a journalist. What better story to try your teeth on than the goings on in town? Olivia [...]

    8. I adore the work of this author, and this series is definitely my favorite. I, too, enjoyed the hurricane prep and storm, to learn more how islanders react. I also identified and relived the dying father scene, as my dad passed away almost 7 months ago, and I was by his side too. I had been there all day, knowing the end was nearing, but still thinking it would be a day or two, I left for a few hours to work, and not 20 minutes after my return, my dad moved on to a better world. Amazing, the sim [...]

    9. Ellery Adams has done it again in her second Books By The Bay Mystery, A Deadly Cliché. Great characters, a lovely setting, terrific plot, and Ellery has a gift for description that makes me green with envy. I’ve always had cats, but Captain Haviland is such a great character, I find myself yearning for a black Standard Poodle. Light and dark moments are balanced in this compelling story, and Olivia’s generosity to her friends and the citizens of Oyster Bay is heartwarming. I can’t wait f [...]

    10. This second installment in the Books by the Bay series is outstanding. Ms. Adams has a marvelous ability to bring incredibly engaging characters to life and make the reader care about those characters. Each character has both good and bad traits so that the reader has no choice but to identify with them in one way or another. For purely selfish reasons I hope that this series continues for many more books just so that I know that I can visit Oyster Bay and it's residents again and again.

    11. The cover of this book might lead some to think this is a very cozy cozy, which it's not. I'd call it a traditional mystery. It's the second in a series which is already on my "auto-buy" list.

    12. A Deadly Cliche by Ellery Adams brings the reader back to Oyster Bay. With Ms. Adams descriptive writing and complex characters I enjoyed every minute of this mystery. The twists and turns as this mystery progressed kept me listening/reading as I was clueless as to how a murder and random robberies could be connected. I enjoyed learning more about the Bayside Book Writers. Each one of the members are so much more than they seemed in the first book. It was also good to see Olivia finally get some [...]

    13. We are back in Oyster Bay, North Carolina with Olivia and The Bayside Book Writers. The quiet seaside town has seen a rash of burglaries of late and as Olivia and her wonderful dog Haviland, have discovered a body while on their morning walk along the beach. Add to that there's a tropical storm headed straight for Oyster Bay and you have the beginning of a great Books By The Bay Mystery.Are all the crimes connected? The Bayside Book Writers are busy deciphering the clues left by the thieves. At [...]

    14. We’re back in Oyster Bay with the Bayside Book Writers group. Olivia Limoges, on her regular morning walk along the beach with her beloved standard poodle, Captain Haviland, finds a dead body buried in the sand up to his head. Off we go on a fast-paced string of robberies and murder as Olivia and the Bayside Book Writers, a disparate group of people brought together by their common love of books and their desire to write, work together to understand the clues left by the perpetrators in the fo [...]

    15. I had the pleasure of reading the second book in Ellery Adams’ The Bay Mystery series, A Deadly Cliché this weekend.Olivia Limoges, on her morning walk along the beach with her dog Capt. Haviland (Haviland has no dialogue in the book, but does bark a few times) notices a pail near the shoreline. But as she approaches the pail, the smell emitting from it is almost too much bear. Under the pail she finds the head of dead man. Shortly after calling 911 Chief Rawlings and a couple officers arrive [...]

    16. A Deadly Cliché By Ellery AdamsCopyright March 2011Publisher Berkeley Prime Crime“While out walking her poodle, Olivia Limoges discovers a dead body buried in the sand. Could it be connected to the bizarre burglaries plaguing Oyster Bay, North Carolina? The Bayside Book Writers prick up their ears and pick up their pens to get the story…The thieves have a distinct MO. At every crime scene, they set up odd tableaus: a stick of butter with a knife through it, dolls with silver spoons in their [...]

    17. WOW.WOWWOW!!! The second book of this series surpassed all my expectations! I admit that in the first book I was a bit put off by the "coldness" of Olivia Limoges, but as I read I began to understand why she was so private and guarded. In "A Deadly Cliche" the Ice Queen thaws more and more as she begins to open up to her writing group friends. When a hurricane hits Oyster Bay, Olivia is one of the first out and about doing what she can to help "her town" recover. I'll try not to put in any spoil [...]

    18. This one was a little thin on murder mystery and heavier on developing Olivia's story. The weather drama was entirely unnecessary and felt forced.Admittedly, I wasn't in the right frame of mind to fully enjoy this genre, but in the book, Olivia tries to distract herself by reading and faces the same dilemma, so my guilt was certainly lessened.Altogether more of the same, if you've read the first one in this series. It's light, entertaining and I do want to know more about Olivia and her friends. [...]

    19. I loved this book, the combination of crime scenes with tableaus that illustrated a cliche', Olivia and Captain Haviland interacting with the other characters, a hurricane, the Bayside Writers Club, and an old personal mystery of Olivia's made for a fascinating read with twists and turns. The more I see Olivia and of course Captain Haviland, the more I like them. I'm looking forward to the next book in the series.

    20. For me, this second in the Books by the Bay series really delivered the goods because along with interesting resolution of the crime, I found out a more about Olivia Limoges, the central character. Haviland, Olivia's dog, continues to charm me. He's not there to solve the crime, he's just there to be there when needed--which is all anyone should ask of a cherished pet.

    21. Excellent book! Olivia is still evolving as a character and as a person and this book is very intense. I'm amazed that the writers I know are so imaginative. This book is full of complex issues and is more than just a "fluff" cozy - it's a great read that I would recommend to everybody. Great work, Ellery! : )

    22. Second volume in this series - author takes time to further develop the recurring characters and especially revealing more about the main character's background and psyche. Interesting the way the author also mingles in other "books" written by her characters and critiqued by group's Book Club. Good read.

    23. 4 stelle e mezza.Mi piace questa serie e mi sta piacendo sempre di più la protagonista, che in questo libro deve fare i conti col passato. E questa è stata la parte più del libro, quasi più della storia gialla.

    24. What a good book! I love this series and Ellery Adams delivers a great second book in the series.Captain Haviland the standard poodle was back for the book.This book left me hanging at the end. I am ready for the next book.

    25. Really enjoyed this book. Puzzles, robbery, mystery and murder makes for an interesting book. Throw in unlikely twists and growing of the different characters. I can't wait to read the next book in this series :)

    26. I absolutely love this series !! In this installment, we get to know Olivia so much more and discover a multi-layered and complex character. I quite enjoy all of the other characters. The plotting is very clever. A great read. Can't wait for number 3

    27. The second of the Books by the Bay series is even better than the first. The growth of the main character, Olivia, has been a treat to behold. An excellent mystery and wonderful personal progression of characters. Of course, Captain Haviland, remains my favorite.

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