Fugly When a wizard is happily in love he tends to get complacent When he gets complacent he tends to let magick fall by the wayside Jackson Spey hasn t thrown around any mojo in a while Here s his chance

  • Title: Fugly
  • Author: K.Z. Snow
  • ISBN: 9781595787392
  • Page: 499
  • Format: ebook
  • When a wizard is happily in love, he tends to get complacent When he gets complacent, he tends to let magick fall by the wayside Jackson Spey hasn t thrown around any mojo in a while Here s his chance.What happens to a young man s self image, and his sex life, when he wakes up one morning to see his good looks significantly altered for the worse In this modern fable, tWhen a wizard is happily in love, he tends to get complacent When he gets complacent, he tends to let magick fall by the wayside Jackson Spey hasn t thrown around any mojo in a while Here s his chance.What happens to a young man s self image, and his sex life, when he wakes up one morning to see his good looks significantly altered for the worse In this modern fable, three gay friends find out the answer when they hit on the wrong guy in a club one night.Todd, Fallon, and Jake think they re pretty damned hot As a result, their standards for worthwhile hook ups are appallingly superficial The men aren t total jerks they just need an adjustment in perspective And they get it, in spades, from a mysterious stranger who s sick of seeing his beautiful partner pawed by dawgs.As the trio of friends try to understand and cope with their new appearances, the pretty boys they normally pursue continue to shun them But in the eyes of three ordinary, overlooked men on the sidelines of their lives, it s the heart that matters far than the hot.

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    598 thoughts on “Fugly”

    1. WOW! Fugly by K.Z. Snow is AMAZING and took me by complete surprise! It’s hard to believe the book falls just under sixty pages, because it really packs an emotional punch. I thought the plot was creative and very thought provoking. It’s a story that stayed with me hours after I finished it. The story is a combination first and third person. At the beginning of the story it’s told by David’s point of view, and then it changes to third person so we can follow the lives and strange happeni [...]

    2. I was clueless to how much I would adore this book. Holy f*cking sh*t! I loved this book and the message it gave. I think everyone should be able to identify with some of the characters and how it feels when we are made to feel insignificant sometimes. Loved it, loved it!

    3. David Ocho is a journalist who’s a member of a circle of four friends. Todd, Fallon, and Jake refer to themselves as “The Hunt Club”. They are a hot-looking threesome who go clubbing together, and David is more-or-less their sidekick. Each of them is professionally successful in his own right. Todd’s a mortician, Jake’s a publicist, and Fallon is a movement coach. As is often the case with attractive, young gay men, they are very focused upon the superficial matters of life. They’re [...]

    4. I have to admit I’ve been looking forward to reading this book for ages, ever since KZ put up the cover and extract on her blog. It sounded just a great idea for a book and I couldn’t wait to see how it was all going to turn out. I wasn’t disappointed.The book begins with 1st person narrator, David, meeting with his three friends at a club. Fallon, Jake and Todd are handsome men who are used to picking up, and competing for, the most gorgeous man in the room. When a beautiful man enters (n [...]

    5. OMG! Fugly was awesome! I didn't think I would like the different narratives, but I did. I swear I KNOW people who are exactly as superficial as the gang. Loved watching them change from total assholes, to decent and worthy men.

    6. I liked this novella a lot but felt it was far too short to successfully tackle three budding and complicated romances. Just when things were getting good the book came to an end. I'd read this again if it were ever expanded 100 pages or so.I wrote up a review for JERR which you can find HERE . You may have to click the "enter here" button and hit my link again. Sorry, a pain the butt I know, but I can't repost it here.

    7. A good old-fashioned romantic fable that is shorter than I might wish, but perfectly written for all that. Structure, pace, and pathos aplenty. You can almost see Snow's flashing, floating pleasure in the high-concept germ of this story: a curse that opens up three shallow bar-hounds to the possibility of real, human connection. And SNow is unwilling to just crank out a formulaic M/M. Along the way, she gives us little snippets of tantalizing character detail, peeks into odd jobs and odder peopl [...]

    8. Why I bought it: Author + cover + blurb = Sold!Dislike/like (ending on a high note):Dislike~ I've said a number of times I'm not the greatest fan of first person POV so when I started reading Fugly my initial response was 'bugger'. Happily, for me at least, this POV was limited to the prologue and epilogue. Even better, despite my gut reaction I was glad for David's (the first personee's) insight into friends' behaviour as well as the opportunity to revisit, albeit briefly, two of my favourite K [...]

    9. The writing was good IMO it felt like we got 3 unfinished stories instead of 1 complete story. Also I never warmed up to Jake and probably could have enjoyed it more without so much Jake. I didn't really like any of the guys but Jake was least favorite. If more time had been spent with the other guys I probably could have started to like them more

    10. This story begins innocently enough, with four friends (Jake, David, Fallon, and Todd) hanging out in a bar together, but in the course of a few pages, Fallon, Jake and Todd become akin to immature children, commenting on others’ physical short-comings. When a gorgeous man walks in, the three men follow him to the bar and proceed to fall all over him. David, who is left alone at table and who happens to be the only unsuperficial one of the bunch, finds himself drawn to another man, who is inte [...]

    11. After reading this story two morals come to mind: beauty is only skin deep and beauty is in the eye of the beholder. It was a cute modern day fable about three gay guys who were only concerned with looking good and how hot the men they pursued looked. Their shallowness and inappropriate pawing of the wrong man prompts a wizard to "through a little mojo around" and drastically alter all three mens appearances. This is why I gave this story 4 stars. It was a unique twist on the old fable and for t [...]

    12. This is a novella that I think every person should read whether they read m/m romance or not - it was so wonderful I can’t tell you how much I loved it. The story involved characters Adin Swift and Jackson Spey (from Snow's Adin Swift/Jackson Spey story arc) but they were in it just a bit. It told the story of 4 gay friends – 3 of whom are always on the hunt for the most beautiful men to sleep with. They’re condescending to those they don’t feel are pretty enough or up to par and never e [...]

    13. Unusual story which uses magick to illustrate the old saw that beauty goes much deeper than the skin. KZ Snow is an amazing writer.

    14. I was, in the first few pages of this book, quite prepared not to like it. Oh, great, I said to myself with wrinkled nose, the boys are going to learn their lesson that beauty isn't all on the outside. How predictable. For my rash jumping to conclusion-ness, I owe K.Z. a sincere apology. On the surface, yes, that's the lesson our three young snark-meisters have to learn, but we aren't left to wallow on the surface. Oh, no. K.Z. creates three complex, damaged characters, whose motives and emotion [...]

    15. I don't know why I postponed reading this book so much, I think I was afraid it would be too angsty, but it wasn't. Many complained about the length of the book, saying that it's too short, but I appreciated the way it focused on the pivotal moments of the lives of the characters.When we meet the three skin cursed friends - and the witness - after the fateful encounter with a wizard, some time has passed. We see how the rash has affected the lives of the shallow Fallon, Todd and Jake. Since they [...]

    16. I loved this book! I think this book should be passed out to middle school student everywhere. This story is one I will carry with me for the rest of my life. In high school, everyone writes, "I hope you never change" I personally think that is the meanest thing you could ever say to someone. Change, whether we see it in ourselves or if others see it in us needs to occur to grow as a person of worth. The names in this story could easily be replaced with people in our own lives. I truely hope eve [...]

    17. Generally I like all of K.Z Snow's books which are always original and thought provoking but this has to be the jewel in the crown. A bit like Shallow Hal in reverse. What would happen if people who you found physically attractive without exception found you unattractive? How would you win them over? Would you be more or less likely to find the love of your life? That is the premise of this story and it is a really goodread!

    18. enjoyable, but superficial (odd that that was the word that came to mind for a story that's about superficial vs depth) I like the theme (loving the inner person -- who wouldn't like that idea?), but it never made me feel deeply involved

    19. 3.5 STARS --A great message wrapped in a fairy tale inspired short story about the downfall of three shallow men. It was cute, not what I expected (my fault for not fully reading the blurb). There were a lot of vocabulary words thrown in and a touch of a magical curse.

    20. Short-ish and rather sweet. There was a bit too much fairy-tale simplicity, a bit too little substance or development to go with the overall message for my liking, but this book caught me at a good time, and I ended up liking it.

    21. I think if I'd read the other books in the series OR skipped the prologue I might have lasted longer with this book, but the characters seemed really blah. Their 'interesting jobs' did not translate into interesting personalities for me.

    22. Three friends: Fallon, Jake, and Tyler, are three handsome men who like pick up other men who are gorgeous to their standard. Until one night, where they hit the 'wrong guy' (who turned out to be the husband of a very powerful wizard). As a result, the three guys suffer from skin disease in their face, that will only be apparent to the people they are attracted to. The stronger their attraction, the worse it looks. But the three friends realize that there are people who will see beyond the super [...]

    23. I knew when I read the blurb that I would enjoy Fugly - and I did enjoy it very much. A reader can guess from the blurb what will happen in the story and it pretty much unfolds the way one would expect, but that's not a bad thing in the slightest. We know how it should turn out - this is a fairytale through and through - but the journey to get there is very enjoyable.The only reason this doesn't get a 5th star from me is that it just felt too short for perfect enjoyment. The guys learn a valuabl [...]

    24. What a great short story this is3 guys, who like to hunt beautiful men, get their lives turned upside down, when they wake up with a nasty rash on their face one dayNow the beautiful men they once hunted, wont give them a second look, and whats a guy to do then??I dont think you get the theme "Its whats on the inside that matters" more than you do in this one Its really whats its all about peopleI loved all of the 3 guys (and David the nerdy writer too) but it was a short story, so we didnt real [...]

    25. I really enjoyed this short story. Now I admit, I haven't read any of the other books int the series, but I didn't really need to. The plot centres around 3 guys, Jake, Todd and Fallon, who call themselves "The Hunt Club" and who spend their free time cruising the clubs and bars for cute dates. Their lives change one night, when the three unknowingly hit on the Partner of Jackson Spey, who decides to "share" a little of his love around. The three men find themselves with a skin irritation which [...]

    26. Wow, what a fabulous book! The cover intrigued me & the blurb sparked interest but it was K.Z. Snow's deft handling of the book's theme - the beauty inside is what matters most - and her 'flawed but redeemable' characters that made me love it!And imagine how please I was when I discovered that I can indulge in discovering more about Jackson and Adin, two character I desperately wanted to know more about!

    27. Wow! I loved this book - unique, emotional, thought-provoking, well-written. The characters all hooked into me and held on, sucking me deeper and deeper into their psyches and issues. The uniqueness of the plot kept me reading without a break and the moral and magic was wound perfectly into the story. One thing I have a problem with - I want more of the mysterious stranger and his beautiful husband. :P

    28. No question about it, K.Z. writes beautifully. At least half a dozen turns of phrase stopped me cold with their cleverness, with a new way of framing a common thought or a recasting of a metaphor. Very, very clean and well-done.The story, however, did little for me.My complete review is posted here.

    29. It felt too choppy. The individual stories of the couples themselves had potential and moments, but the overall stitching didn't work for me. Felt there wasn't enough to grasp in each, and the answers too easy.

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