Pee on Water

Pee on Water Fiction Rachel Glaser has written a game changer I have a couple of rules about things I allow myself to like Rachel breaks all of them and her stories leave me hunting for my rule book Where is my ru

  • Title: Pee on Water
  • Author: Rachel B. Glaser
  • ISBN: 9780982081389
  • Page: 265
  • Format: Paperback
  • Fiction Rachel Glaser has written a game changer I have a couple of rules about things I allow myself to like Rachel breaks all of them and her stories leave me hunting for my rule book Where is my rule book Damn her Bless her Say what you will PEE ON WATER is a new way to breathe Giancarlo DiTrapano.

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      Rachel B. Glaser Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Pee on Water book, this is one of the most wanted Rachel B. Glaser author readers around the world.

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    1. I love stories and the strange power they hold. And so this book, which tracks the way stories and storytelling, bleed into, meld with, and disfigure "reality", was a strange and welcome delight.The author, as noted by several blurbers, breaks a lot of rules. That is to say, she does a lot of things we don't expect and often argue against in our fiction. She often tells instead of shows, or tells and shows. She rights flat--often eschewing all sense of psychology or pathos. She turns stories out [...]

    2. As well as the excellent review in ‘The Short Review’ the charming cover looked Beatle-ish (from the Magical Mystery tour era; although it is in fact the author’s own work/design and based on Caravaggio’s ‘The Incredulity of Saint Thomas’) and there was a story called ‘The Jon Lennin Xperience’, so a Beatles fan like me was bound to be interested. And that story is fascinating – a computer game based on Lennon in which you can share an ice cream with Paul or perform cunnilingus [...]

    3. I just got my free copy and I'm so excited I just want to brush my teeth until I don't have any gums left! Thanks Publishing Genius!Update: No gums left, but luckily I still smile for pictures. POW showed me how.

    4. Man. This book kept teaching me how to love it more. Each sentence is tuned to mystery, and the mystery can turn from playful-wacky to haunting. This book has its own little area carved out somewhere on the side of my body. One other thing to say is I feel like when I read something that feels wildly creative, it's often brutal. Like I need to reconcile the good pain it caused me after. But this book made me realistically gleeful. What I'm saying is, I'm real happy this book happened to me.

    5. Adam Robinson sold me on this at AWP, saying he would give me my money back if I didn't love it. In itself I appreciated this gesture, that he stands behind the books he publishes to this extent. Better yet, he was right; the book moved in ways we don't see very often in fiction. So happy to have gotten into this book, and I can already tell I'll be returning to this one often.

    6. I wish I could write with half the verve of the Glaz. Holy goddamn is she good. I remember in middle school when there was only one store in town that sold a certain kind of Chinese candy. Now that store is gone and all we have is Rachel B. Glaser. The new Grace Paley is right here.

    7. this shit is so good i was back at the parents' place for two months in the summer and, knowing this, i ordered two copies: one to arrive at my home in boston and one to arrive at the parents' place. this book is like a backhand spring and a hey, hey, over here! she's doing new things, this one. and some reviewers said that her style was deceptively simple, sentence-wise, but that's only true if you're the type of person to look at photos of the large hadron collider and go, what's this erector [...]

    8. These stories reached through my chest and grabbed a hold of my heart. Now Glaser keeps moving her fingers around but I can't tell if she's forcing blood through my arteries or disconnecting them. I feel a kind of warmth and cold at the same time. These are very, very good stories. Please go read them.

    9. I liked the first and last stories best -- but opinions vary (my friend Jon loved the "Beatles story" the most).Beware if you've heard Rachel read the last aloud at a reading; I enjoyed that enough but it is WAY better read on the page.

    10. Some of the best stories I've read this year are in this book. The title story is a brilliant idea, with exact execution. As is "Jon Lennin Experience"/.

    11. Rachel Glaser drops in smarter things about real things - death, depression, family - than authors who are a lot less funny and entertaining to read. I want to write like her.

    12. This book is substantially different than all of the other books I've read. Analogs are hard to come by. Every time I think her writing is like Kelly Link's, I think it's not.

    13. From publisherRachel B. Glaser has a unique way of looking at the world. She sees beyond the surface, into the blood and marrow of things, and she exposes that through the people and things that populate her collection of short stories in Pee on Water.In the story THE JON LENNIN XPERIENCE - Our main guy's sister purchases him a Beatles reality video game. He is anti-everything technological and ignores the game for many days. Eventually he decides to give it a whirl and ends up becoming obsessed [...]

    14. In Pee on Water, Rachel Glaser’s debut short story collection, you will find updated fairy tales, post-modern love stories, surreal dips into a mix of real and imagined history, and narratives sketched from the point of view of the book you are holding—and all of this in one ten page story, “The Magic Umbrella,” an endlessly inventive piece of writing in which Glaser uses a series of internal “About the Authors,” to allow each section build on the previous and take these fantastic tu [...]

    15. This book is insane, and insanely good. Each story is infused with such a powerful compassion and intelligence. I was struck by how cleverly these stories articulate how it feels to be alive right now, in a world where people spend more time in front of computer screens than in conversation, searching for the next diversion on youtube rather than investing in more meaningful inquiry. The feeling of dislocation in the characters coupled with a vague entitlement supplanting a sense of historical p [...]

    16. a very short book of short stories. rough around the edges in a way where i couldn't be quite sure if it was intentional and good or sometimes just a bit lazy. there were a few stories i really enjoyed but some of them were not necessarily difficult to follow but felt a bit pretentious in their stripped down way; lacking much cohesiveness or poetry that made me care at all what happened. the human psyche is pretty dark and dim much of the time but if i'm feeling apathy as opposed to schadenfreud [...]

    17. Wow. Really great, funny, moving, emotionaly engaging stories. Affecting. Jeez. Here's an example of some great lines: "This love was my favorite. My other boyfriends had been before. This love was now and it leaked all over." Later, when the boyfriend has died, we get, "I do the eating thing, the sleeping thing, but what am I but a crying machine, humming along. Breathing, sighing, waiting. I am an admirer of things, a secret brain of events. Before, I was a responder, a pretty shape, contagiou [...]

    18. Very good, albeit slightly uneven, collection of short stories by Rachel Glaser. There are some real gems here, to be sure. Some of the stories could have been pushed further, explored a little deeper, to reveal something even more special, I think. I can't wait to see how Ms. Glaser progresses in her next book. There is going to be brilliance. It's only a matter of time

    19. "How had it gotten like this? Animals were now citizens, now performers too? The world was getting soft."This book isn't soft. High schoolers get off while kids ride skateboards in the background. People date in video games. The stories are weird and tight. I feel normal reading this.

    20. Amazingly creative and riveting. Best book of short stories I've read since Denis Johnson's Jesus' Son. If I like 2 or 3 stories in a collection, I usually consider that a success. Here, it's 7 or 8 easily, and everything is of interest. Fantastic stuff.

    21. Pee on Water is the best collection I've read in years. Rachel Glaser's writing is as witty as it is clever, and the stories are satisfying because something brilliant is happening on each page.

    22. ani smith recommended me this book a year agoi liked these short stories a lot, my favourite was probably 'the kid'

    23. Loved this collection of short stories. Read aloud with a friend. Favorites were "the sad girlfriend" and "the john lennin xperience"

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