Selected Poems of Rita Dove

Selected Poems of Rita Dove This brilliant collection includes selections from Museum The Yellow House on the Corner and the Pulitzer Prize winning Thomas and Beulah

  • Title: Selected Poems of Rita Dove
  • Author: Rita Dove
  • ISBN: 9780679431022
  • Page: 130
  • Format: Audio Cassette
  • This brilliant collection includes selections from Museum, The Yellow House on the Corner, and the Pulitzer Prize winning Thomas and Beulah.

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    About “Rita Dove”

    1. Rita Dove

      Rita Dove, former U.S Poet Laureate, Pulitzer Prize winner, and musician, lives in Charlottesville, where she is Commonwealth Professor of English at the University of Virginia.

    928 thoughts on “Selected Poems of Rita Dove”

    1. There are waysto make of the momenta topiaryso the pleasure’s inwalking through.- from "Flirtation"Surprised and enchanted by these poems, my first thorough introduction to Rita Dove, one of my town’s resident famous poets. I was not expecting the latent mysticism. Her bountiful, far-reaching vocabulary and intellectual curiosity reveal her devotion to lifelong learning, which naturally made me warm to her. I particularly liked her historical poems, the operatic Thomas and Beulah cycle, and [...]

    2. This is a great set of poems from one of our master poets. Although her poetry generally engages with everyday matters, it does so in a way that fills those subjects with mystery. Largely it's the word choices, which constantly surprise with their freshness -- but it's also the startling perspectives she offers (the Thomas and Beulah poems are heartbreaking in how alone, how separate, they make their married protagonists) and the play with structure and stanza. Just today I read and re-read and [...]

    3. Rita Dove’s poetry reads like a narrative. They are so vivid and some are easy to understand. However, the majority of the pieces in this collection are so complex that it takes several reads to grasp an understanding of them. This collection touches on themes of love, race and sometimes mirror historical events as in the piece titled “The Transport of Slaves From Maryland to Mississippi”. I am always searching for historical events that I’ve experienced to write about, not realizing tha [...]

    4. Really like Dove's imagery throughout, though many poems didn't speak to me or weren't my style, I guess. I wanted to love this book, but I ended up simply liking it a lot. Many of the poems stood out for a turn of phrase, or an image or two, but not as a whole piece. Thomas and Beulah, though, that's an amazing book and well-told story from two points of view, and it raised my rating of the whole from 3 to 4 stars. Definitely I will re-read this. Not dazzling, but solid and quietly persistent. [...]

    5. There were many lines that stopped me, and intricate language that I loved. The poems from her first book made some interesting fantastical leaps which I was just reading about in Robert Bly's book Leaping Poetry. My favorite line from the poem Straw Hat:To him, work is a narrow griefand the music afterwardsis like a womanreaching into his chestto spread it around.All in all, quite inspiring.

    6. Still in the process of reading this collection--it contains several of her other books including Yellow House on the Corner, Museum and Thomas and Beulah. Museum is magical but intense and Thomas and Beulah kind of blew my mind. It's two sets of poems from opposite sides of a love story and the writing is amazing.

    7. I put flags in all of my books of poetry on poems that I enjoy, and looking at Selected Poems, there were a lot of poems by Rita Dove that I loved. For someone looking for a book of poetry, I highly recommend reading this.

    8. Rita Dove really knows how to spin intriguing story into her poems, using language that's completely accessible in a beautifully formed voice of naked honesty, opening the reader's insight into communities that may be unfamiliar but always deeply personal and evoking. Yes, I loved this collection!

    9. Rita Dove's poetry is so vivid and vibrant. Most of the time when I read any of her poetry I feel like I'm looking at a painting. Its hard to describe the kind of experience I have when I read her poetry. Reading it really is just like an experience, thats all I can describe it as.

    10. Rita Dove is so nice to read. She has a methodical, precise way of structuring her poems; every one reflects the most delicate and devoted sense of care.

    11. I first read this collection of poems in 2004, but I've read it at least three times sincee images and sound quality in Dove's poems are as close to perfect as I've yet found in poetry.

    12. She is the master of the metaphor. Words become the hues of a painters palette in her deft hands and she illustrates the mental canvas with purposed brush strokes.

    13. It should be made a crime for people not to know Rita Dove. My hands-down favorite modern poet. And in the running for my favorite ever . . .

    14. I've been reading Dove since her stint as poet laureate in the 90's. The poems from *Museum* were really part of my feminist education, and "Parsley" is a gut-punch of a poem, beautiful and terrible. When I finally found a way to work her into a syllabus 25 years later, (it's difficult to manage American poetry when you usually teach Brit lit and drama), I assigned *Thomas and Beulah,* which I adored all over again, and my students fell in love with for the first time.

    15. Excellent collection! The type of collection that read in a setting ideally each coordinating with the next. I found these absolutely beautiful! I will read this collection again, I feel I can visualize the scenes! Why I love poetry is what I read here!

    16. Rita Dove is not an easy poet to read. She brings in material from her own history, which is most unusual -- top student in school, a Fulbright scholar, she is very much at home in the world of books, of American history, as well as her own life story and those of her family. The poetry is highly allusive and, if you don't know all the stuff that Ms. Dove knows, you may be missing a lot. That said, she wears her education well. TS Eliot always seemed like the professorial type, dropping names th [...]

    17. This is an interesting collection, and well worth reading. The sequence about the lives of her grandparents, "Thomas and Belulah," is especially impressive, and has some real winners in it (it won the Pulitzer, so duh).

    18. Dove's poems simply didn't resonate with me. They weren't dense or difficult, on the contrary. But I just didn't find myself in them nor did I discover great beauty. I'm sure others have a different experience, which is a reminder that sometimes poetry is very personal.

    19. I didn't enjoy this book as much as the other reviewers seemed to have. I just didn't find it interesting enough.

    20. Dove is a Pulitzer Prize winner and former Poet Laureate. This collection contains her well-known poem "Thomas and Beulah." Good stuff.

    21. I really wanted to like this. I did. And some of the poems were really powerful to me, but others were I had problems with it keeping my attention. It's probably just not my style of poetry.

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