Every Reasonable Doubt

Every Reasonable Doubt When an ambitious employment attorney is given the chance at the big time she grabs it with both hands and loses her grip on the man she loves

  • Title: Every Reasonable Doubt
  • Author: Pamela Samuels Young
  • ISBN: 9781583146699
  • Page: 202
  • Format: Paperback
  • When an ambitious employment attorney is given the chance at the big time, she grabs it with both hands and loses her grip on the man she loves.

    Every Reasonable Doubt by Pamela Samuels Young Every Reasonable Doubt Vernetta Henderson These two women lawyers, Neddy Vernetta, in this story had doubts about the accused socialite, Tina But, the did their job and took control of the case from the prosecuter, Julie, and were offered a plea deal for their client The question is will she take it Every Reasonable Doubt Vernetta Henderson Pamela Every Reasonable Doubt Vernetta Henderson Series Book and millions of other books are available for instant access view Kindle eBook view Audible audiobook Enter your mobile number or email address below and we ll send you a link to download the free Kindle App. Every Reasonable Doubt Vernetta Henderson Series Book Every Reasonable Doubt Vernetta Henderson Series Book Kindle edition by Pamela Samuels Young Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or Every Reasonable Doubt Vernetta Henderson Series No Every Reasonable Doubt Vernetta Henderson Series No by Pamela Samuels Young Los Angeles attorney Vernetta Henderson is on a high She s just pulled off the biggest victory of her career And before she can come down, it s about to get even better. Beyond a reasonable doubt legal definition of beyond a Beyond a reasonable doubt is the highest standard of proof that must be met in any trial In civil litigation, the standard of proof is either proof by a preponderance of the evidence or proof by clear and convincing evidence These are lower burdens of proof. Every Reasonable Doubt audible Every Reasonable Doubt is the first book in the five novel Vernetta Henderson series This completes my listening to all of the legal thriller novels and novellas by Pamela Samuels Young The other four novels in the series are even better than this one. Presumption of Innocence Burden of Proof in cases without Presumption of Innocence Burden of Proof burden of proof, and the requirement of proof beyond a reasonable doubt. Throughout these proceedings, the defendant is presumed to be in noc ent As a result , overcomes every possible doubt If, based on your consideration of the Reasonable doubt Canada By describing the term reasonable doubt as an ordinary expression which has no special meaning in the criminal law context By inviting jurors to apply to the task before them the same standard of proof that they apply to important, or even the most important, decisions in their own lives. Reasonable doubt legal definition of reasonable doubt Reasonable doubt is the highest standard of proof used in court In civil litigation the standard of proof is either proof by a preponderance of the evidence or proof by clear and convincing evidence These are lower burdens of proof. ch. Flashcards Quizlet The responsibility of the prosecution to establish guilt beyond and to the exclusion of every reasonable doubt is called the preponderance of evidence or plantiff Who carries the burden of going forward with evidence in a trial

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      Pamela Samuels Young is an attorney and award winning author of eight mystery novels Her most recent courtroom drama, Abuse of Discretion, tackles a troubling sexting case that gives readers a shocking look inside the juvenile justice system Pamela also writes erotic romantic suspense under the pen name Sassy Sinclair Her first book in that genre is Unlawful Desires.Pamela s thriller, Anybody s Daughter, won the NAACP Image Award for Outstanding Fiction and was a Top Ten pick by In the Margins, the best books for at risk teens Pamela formerly worked as Managing Counsel, Labor and Employment Law, for Toyota and spent several years as a television news writer and associate producer The former journalist and retired lawyer is also a natural hair enthusiast and the author of Kinky Coily A Natural Hair Resource Guide Pamela received her bachelor s degree from USC and also earned graduate degrees from Northwestern University and UC Berkeley School of Law The Compton native is a frequent speaker on the topics of sex trafficking, online safety, fiction writing, self empowerment, and pursuing your passion For Pamela s full bio and to read excerpts of her books, visit pamelasamuelsyoung Pamela loves book clubs To invite her to your book club meeting via Skype, Facebook Live, FaceTime, Zoom, speakerphone or in person, email her at authorpamelasamuelsyoung gmail.Connect with Pamela on Social Media Facebook Pamela SamuelsYoungTwitter AuthorPSYInstagram AuthorPSYPinterest AuthorPamelaSamuelsYoungYouTube KinkyCoilyPamela natural hair LinkedIn PamelaSamuelsYoung

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    1. There are a lot of things about this book I really liked. Good writing, interesting plot, good pace, strong characters; there is a lot to love. I really enjoyed the dynamic of the law that you need in this kind of thriller paired with the social dimensions of race and relationships. Overall, really well done.So - why only three stars? There are two things about this story that drove me nuts and I just couldn't get over. In many ways, they ruined it for me. It's not stopping me from starting book [...]

    2. I'm on a quest to read books by diverse authors this year because authors of color are underrepresented in my reading history. Got to even things up a bit.This mystery by Pamela Samuels Young was a lot of fun. It's a courtroom drama following the trial of the main suspect from prep to verdict. The main character was well developed. She was smart, fiery and strong. Her weakness is her blindspot for how her actions affect others. She just isn't a particularly empathetic person. Over the course of [...]

    3. I really enjoyed this book. The story really flowed well. I enjoyed the behind the scene glimpse of how defense attorneys prepare a case from beginning to end. Especially, when their not sure of their clients innocence. I enjoyed how the pieces of the case unfolded, as if the reader was experiencing it along with the attorneys in the book. This is my second book in the Vernetta Henderson series. I read the eighth book first and liked it so much, I had to read the rest of the books from the begin [...]

    4. Wow. I haven'd read a good legal thriller since the Client, and this was everything. It was fast paced, always kept my interest and it wasn't so bogged down with legal jargon that it was hard to follow. Vernetta was funny, witty, and strong and I enjoyed her POV. Her husband, Jefferson reminded me so much of the men, including my husband, that I have met in my life. With there views on adoption and the whole machismo that poured out their mouths with every line spoken. It wasn't too much and it [...]

    5. This book definitely suffered from having too many plot lines. I would love to have read more about the investigation of the murder rather than being distracted by Vernetta's problems with her husband. The story line involving Neddy's husband hovered around the edges of the murder investigation and that plot line wasn't resolved to my satisfaction at the end of the book. I might have given another star if Vernetta's husband hadn't been so whiny, and if her best friend, Special, hadn't been so ob [...]

    6. I rarely give five stars but this was an excellent read. A mix of suspense, drama and crime. I loved it. Def gonna jump into this series.

    7. (4.25 stars actually)Employment attorney and new associate Vernetta Henderson has just won a huge, high-profile discrimination suit on behalf of the legal firm she works for when another high profile, career defining case is dangled in front of her. The new case has socialite Tina Montgomery accused of murdering her philandering husband. Vernetta has a few issues with accepting this assignment. 1) She's just completed high profile case that took a lot of her personal time and had her working wit [...]

    8. Guilty or Not Guilty? Vernetta Henderson yearns to break through the cycle and become the first African-American partner at one of L.A.'s top notch firms. After years of being an employment attorney, Vernetta soon becomes part of the "dream team," a three star African-American cast featuring herself, Neddy McClain, a hard nose criminal defense attorney and Tina Montgomery, a prime and proper housewife accused of the murder of her philandering husband. As the case goes from cold to hot, Vernetta [...]

    9. Pamela Samuels Young takes the reader into the courtroom, investigation-interrogation process, as if I am in a Law and Order episode live in reading review. There are several scenes and stories unravel with the characters. Moreover, she is a brilliant writer if you love legal thrillers. This series should be a TV series or movie!My favorite character is Vernetta, since I can relate to her sincere feelings of marriage, child-bearing, and becoming a partner of the firm that she is fighting so hard [...]

    10. I thought for sure that Special had something going in with Jefferson. I kept waiting for it, and waiting for it. Guess I was wrong.

    11. Vernetta Henderson is on a fast track to make partner at a prestigious law firm in Los Angeles when she’s asked by firm’s founding partner to take on a murder one case. But the opportunity comes with its own set of challenges. First, Vernetta’s never handled a criminal case, and second, she has a husband at home who’s feeling second best. Any woman who has ever tried to do it all knows the balancing act and this author does it well, delivering a fast paced, well plotted novel.

    12. Every Reasonable Doubt (Vernetta Henderson #1)These two women lawyers, Neddy & Vernetta, in this story had doubts about the accused socialite, Tina. But, the 🚺 did their job and took control of the case from the prosecuter, Julie, and were offered a plea deal for their client. The question is will she take it or not. Okay!This series is starting off really good. I recommend this book as I go on to read "In Firm Pursuit" Book #2.

    13. A welcome assembleA lawyer's life is knowledge of the law and the procedures of its application. Any thing beyond that is expertise in using those two factors.Either of the not explored is malpractice Exceptional use of them creates exceptional results. Excellent storyline that show the readers what is needed.

    14. I enjoyed this book. I learned about a culture that is different from mine. It's surprising sometimes. The story line is great and kept me guessing. Good book.

    15. Good bookYou people should just read this book yourselves and write your own review on this novel yourself and I really enjoyed reading this book very much so. Shelley MA

    16. I thought this was a good introduction to Venetta Henderson & the series. Although she specialized in Employment Law, she was unexpectedly placed on a criminal case with a fellow attorney. The storyline held my interest as she learned the ropes while attempting to deal with other situations going on in her life as well as in her co-worker's. Good read as I plan on completing the series

    17. This is my kind of legal thriller. When I say it comes with all the zest and appeal a legal thriller should have, this book did it! And what I love best is that although I'm tired of series, this is a STANDALONE. It actually has a beginning, middle and great ending.Vernetta Henderson is a strong African-American lawyer who just finished the Hayes employment case. She was ready to spend that much needed time with her handsome hubby, Jefferson, and perhaps start that family they had been talking a [...]

    18. Determined to become the first African-American partner at one of LA.'s most prestigious law firms, employment attorney Vernetta Henderson is thrilled when she's chosen to defend a prominent socialite accused of murder--"until she learns that Neddy McClain will try the case with her. The only other African-American attorney at the firm, Neddy is hot-tempered and distant, making a complex case even tougher to handle. But the women vow to put aside their differences to prove the client's innocence [...]

    19. The Pain of BetrayalTina Montgomery, an African-American socialite, married 27 years to a Los Angeles business icon is accused of murdering him. Vernetta Henderson, still in her honeymoon phase, has been married 14 months. Hubby Jefferson is ready to start procreating, but it's her briefs that seem to be in the way. A civil attorney, Vernetta is on the partnership track at O'Reilly & Finney. After winning a monumental case, the opportunity to cut her teeth on another high-profile case has be [...]

    20. I meet her at her booksigning and she is a terrific person. This is her first novel and it's a read of the century. Look out literary world she on fire. All the characters and court scenes was well brought out. My favorite character was Special because she told Vernetta the truth about her ways of work and marriage was right down wrong. I agree with Special if she would of put all her energy into her marriage as she was with her job. Jefferson wouldn't complain and [:]. Tina was foul just like h [...]

    21. For a first book by this author it is well written and tells a compelling story.Vernetta Henderson is on track to become the first African-American to become a full partner in one of the most prestigious law firms in LA.However, this does not come without a price. After completing an employment discrimination case trial which she won, with a big settlement for her client Vernetta looks forward to some quiet time.That is not to be when the managing partner of the firm assigns her to a high profil [...]

    22. Trials and TribulationsEVERY REASONABLE DOUBT captures your interest from the very first page and holds you until the very last page. We're introduced to Vernetta, a civil attorney who has just won a big case. Because of her record she finds that she is being offered an even larger case with her colleague Neddy, who is a criminal attorney. Although Vernetta and Neddy work for the same firm, neither one of them have spoken two words to each other. Putting these two attorneys together could prove [...]

    23. Good legal thriller butI love her characters. I love the story. I love the development and a great legal thriller and whodunit. Pamela Samuels Young hits the mark on almost everything I love in a good read and legal fiction except the overall writing. Don't get me wronge does a great job in developing the story. Her characters are realistically flawed, which makes them realistic and likeable. I find some portions repetitious and clique-ish so almost put it down a dozen times because I didn't wan [...]

    24. Every Reasonable Doubt is a well written, compelling story of a Black female attorney who is struggling to balance her ambition and her personal life. Along the way she must deal with ambivalence about starting a family before making partner in her firm, rivalry within the firm where she works, issues of morality as she defends a client she believes is guilty of killing her husband and a devastated husband who learns he is not the man he thinks himself to be. The characters are well developed an [...]

    25. This is my first experience reading a murder, suspense,court room type of book and I must say it way enjoyable to come out of the "box" for a change. It was a pager turner! I would've finished probably a couple of weeks ago but because I had nothing else to read, I tried stretching this book out and it was killing me as I was so anxious to see how everything turned out.I was a little dissappointed that Tina wasn't told or found out about the affair between Max and her housekeeper Kinga. The cour [...]

    26. A Terrific Read from Start and FinishThis plot twisting story brings together lawyers Vernetta Henderson, and Neddy McClain who are assigned to defend a socialite accused of murdering her wealthy, philandering husband. The fact that these two lawyers loathe each other makes for a well executed novel filled with flawed and egotistical characters, legal and court drama, personal dilemmas, secrets and eye-openers. The narrative explores how wealth, privilege, power, race, and the media can influenc [...]

    27. This is the first of four Vernetta Henderson legal thrillers. A violent death takes place in the prologue and the story only builds from there. As the tale is spun out sufficient information is provided for the reader to form their own opinion as to the guilt or innocence of the victim's wife who is on trial for his murder. A second murder, counsel infighting, inexperience and marital problems trouble the defense team. But can justice be achieved to the satisfaction of all involved. That is some [...]

    28. Good bookIt's alway a gamble to read a new author for the fist time, but Veronica Samuels Young was a gamble well taken. A rich womanizer is stabbed to death in a hotel bathtub and his wife hires a defense attorney before she's been accused of anything. An ambitious young attorney is assigned to the case although she is not a criminal lawyer. Just coming off a win in an intense case, the attorneys husband wants to hold her to her promise to slow down and start a family. The multiple conflicts in [...]

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