Death by Eggnog

Death by Eggnog Krissy Hancock is staying in her adopted hometown of Pine Hills Ohio for Christmas this year and she even has a whole week off from her combination bookstore cafe But a killer is about to dampen her

  • Title: Death by Eggnog
  • Author: Alex Erickson
  • ISBN: 9781496708878
  • Page: 255
  • Format: Paperback
  • Krissy Hancock is staying in her adopted hometown of Pine Hills, Ohio, for Christmas this year and she even has a whole week off from her combination bookstore cafe But a killer is about to dampen her spirits .Unfortunately, Krissy s been roped into filling in for a sick elf in the local holiday musical extravaganza With a demanding director, backstage gossip, and tKrissy Hancock is staying in her adopted hometown of Pine Hills, Ohio, for Christmas this year and she even has a whole week off from her combination bookstore cafe But a killer is about to dampen her spirits .Unfortunately, Krissy s been roped into filling in for a sick elf in the local holiday musical extravaganza With a demanding director, backstage gossip, and two men in fierce competition for the starring role, it isn t all sweetness and Christmas lights Then a murder puts a stop to the production, and Krissy is faced with a pageant of suspects.Could her ex boyfriend, a fellow elf, really be the culprit as the police are claiming Or will the actor playing Santa be trading his red suit for an orange jumpsuit When her behind the scenes investigation starts getting dangerous, the only thing Krissy really wants is to make it to Christmas dinner alive But first she ll have to finish wrapping up this case .

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    1. Krissy Hancock is looking forward to an entire week off from her bookstore cafe, Death by Coffee. She plans to spend the holidays with her father in California. But at the last minute things changee isn't going to sunny California after all. So, she has a week off in Pine Hills, Ohio. All of her friends are busy with their own holiday plans, so Krissy decides just to relax and enjoy her time off. Her zen just isn't meant to be, however. Krissy gets roped into taking the place of a sick elf in th [...]

    2. It's been a few years since I read a cozy mystery, so I was excited to delve into "Death by Eggnog" and the community of Pine Hills. This is actually the fifth book in the series, but I was able to start reading without any confusion. Krissy Hancock is the co-owner of a bookstore/coffee shop, and has been recruited to act in the upcoming Christmas musical. Almost immediately, the man playing Santa Claus is murdered, and Krissy's creepy ex-boyfriend arrested for the crime. The only problem is, Kr [...]

    3. Krissy Hancock has somehow gotten herself volunteered to be an elf in the local Christmas play so there goes her two week vacation from the book store/coffee shop that she co-owns with her best friend Vicki. In true Krissy fashion, a body is discovered, one of the actors in the play and her ex, Robert, is jailed for the murder. Krissy still thinks Robert is a jerk but she knows he's not a killer so she feels compelled to investigate despite having to come to practices that are doing a real numbe [...]

    4. First off thank you to Netgalley and Kensington books for allowing me the pleasure of reading this book in advance. This is actually the first book I've been approved for on Netgalley, so I was super excited to see the email!First off, the way I mentally rank cozy mysteries is their ability to draw you in and keep you there, right with the characters, even if you read the books out of order (like I did!) This is the fifth book in the series, and yet I immediately felt at home. That is my main ap [...]

    5. Death by Eggnog is the fifth book in Alex Erickson’s Bookstore Café Mysteries series. The writing flows smoothly, most of the characters are down to earth, normal, relatable people, the book is an easy read and has plenty of humor. There is no shortage of suspects and lots of twists and turns to make it difficult to figure out who the killer is. I recommend this book to anyone who enjoys reading well-crafted cozy mysteries.Krissy Hancock and her best friend, Vickie Patterson, are the owners o [...]

    6. After her father cancels their Christmas plans, Krissy Hancocks finds herself staying home for the holidays. Already taken time off from work, one of the towns people ropes her into helping with a Christmas play. Everything seems to be going fine until the very crude Santa is found dead in his dressing room and the person suspected of murder is no other than Krissy's ex-boyfriend who now wants Krissy to clear his name.I enjoyed this for the most part, I thought it was interesting and it seems li [...]

    7. I set myself to reading primarily cozies/amateur sleuth during the months of November and December. Among them, I try to find as many holiday themed ones as I can to read. This was one of the choices this year. I've not read any from the series before this one and that may have hindered part of my enjoyment. I did like it, but would likely enjoy it more if I had some past info on the main character. She was a bit irritating in her waffling over a couple of past boyfriends and her current one who [...]

    8. I had about given up on this series, but maybe there's hope after all. Krissy's Christmas vacation plans fall through, and her best friend and co-bookshop owner won't let her come back to work--it's clear to her friends that she needs a break. Her friend the town gossip volunteers Krissy to replace an ailing elf in the Christmas play, where the unpopular actor playing Santa Claus is soon murdered. The police hold a suspect, but Krissy is sure it's the wrong suspect, and investigates herself, as [...]

    9. **I voluntarily read this ARC**I loved this book until it revealed the motive. It just felt weak to me. The mystery itself was great, and so was the reveal - it was just the motive that left me unsatisfied with the ending. I do wish that Krissy's dad had made an appearance since Christmas in a cozy typically involves family.

    10. After her Christmas plans with her father fall through, Krissy Hancock finds herself staying in town for the holidays. Her business partner has convinced her that they have everything under control and she should take the week off as planned, and Krissy reluctantly agrees. Whil Krissy tries to figure out how she's going to spend all of her free time, worries about her relationship with her doctor boyfriend, and tries to stop her cat from tearing down the Christmas tree, she somehow gets pulled [...]

    11. Title: Death by Eggnog - Bookstore Café Mystery Book 5Author: Alex EricksonPublisher: Kensington BooksPublished: 9-26-2017Pages: 304Genre: Mystery, Thrillers & SuspenseSub-Genre: Amateur Sleuths; Cozy, Holidays, Women SleuthsISBN: 9781496708878ASIN: B01N9NDYSUReviewed For NetGalley and Kensington BooksReviewer: DelAnneRating: 4.5 StarsKrissy Hancock has had a change of plans for Christmas. Her father is planning to spend his in the Swiss Alps with his new girlfriend Laura so she will be spe [...]

    12. Krissy Hancock plans on traveling to spend Christmas with her father - until he informs her he will be spending it with his new girlfriend. With a week off of her job as co-manager of the coffeehouse Death By Coffee and no holidays plans, Krissy finds herself a little bored. Be careful what you ask for. Krissy is soon volunteered to take part in a Christmas play (no one mentioned it was a musical!), and after "Santa" gets knocked off and her ex-boyfriend is arrested for the murder, Krissy sudden [...]

    13. This is the fifth book in a great cozy mystery series about a mystery bookstore/coffeeshop owner who gets involved in solving real mysteries. Christina "Krissy" Handcock is back and planiing some time away form the small town of Pine Hills, Ohio and her shop. Death on coffee, to spend the holidays with her father in sunny California. when her father decides to cancel, her plans change to spending Christmas in Pine Hills with her friends and boy friend, Will. This is a snap because shes off form [...]

    14. Princess Fuzzypants here:Nothing is more enjoyable than a series that seems to get better with each book as is the case here. Krissy is a fascinating heroine as is the concept of coffee house cum bookstore. Her curiosity comes naturally as her father is a famous mystery writer. Krissy was going to go visit him over Christmas but he got a better offer so she is now at home with time on her hands. Thst is not a good combination.She has been corralled into being part of a Christmas play and when Sa [...]

    15. Krissy Hancock and her best friend Vicki Patterson are the co-owners of Death By Coffee and combo coffee and bookstore in the town of Pine Hills, Ohio. When Krissy's plans to spend Christmas with her dad are changed, she finds herself staying in town getting to spend the holiday with her boyfriend Will Foster. Vicki still wants Krissy to take her scheduled vacation. Which gets her volunteered by store regular Rita to fill in for a sick elf in the Community Theater's Christmas musical. When the m [...]

    16. Krissy Hancock, part-owner in the bookstore café Death by Coffee located in Pine Hills, Ohio, is stressed because winter has arrived. She decides to take some days off to relax when she’s thrust into preparations for the local holiday play. While at rehearsal, Santa Claus is murdered in the men’s dressing room and Krissy sees her ex-boyfriend running from the scene. Can Krissy find the true culprit before her ex is sent up the river for a crime he didn’t commit?This holiday cozy mystery w [...]

    17. First of all I would like to thank NetGalley, the Publisher and the author for giving me the opportunity to read an advanced copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. This is the first book by this author that I have read and I really enjoyed it and I would recommend it to my friends.When Krissy Hancock's plans for spending Christmas with her dad in California changed she remained at home in Pine Hills. Krissy ends up being volunteered to play and elf in the community theater Christmas [...]

    18. The reason I got into this whole series was because of the beautiful and fun book covers! A good cover will sell me without even knowing what its story is about!I have enjoyed the books in this series. This one left me feeling a bit bored. I loved the wintery, Christmasy descriptions but the murder story line was typical, cliched, nothing new here, ectIt seems that every time I find a Christmas mystery lately, its the Santa who gets killed and we spend the entire 300 or so pages, trying to figur [...]

    19. Krissy Hancock, co-owner of the Death by Coffee bookstore/coffee shop planned on spending Christmas with her father in California but when her father tells her he is taking a trip with his new girlfriend to the Alps, her plans suddenly change. Vicki, her best friend tell her to still take the week off but Krissy isn't so sure. She has agreed to take part in a Christmas play at the last minute as she suddenly has time available. When one of the crew members is found murdered and her ex-boyfriend, [...]

    20. Thanks to Kensington and Netgalley for allowing me an advanced readers copy of this book. This is the second book by Alex Erickson that I have read and absolutely loved it. Krissy Hancock is roped into replacing an elf at the local Pine Hills theater after one becomes sick. Things become a lot more interesting though when someone is found murdered backstage. Being the nosy person she is, Krissy decides to try and step in to investigate what happened. Her list of suspects is quite long so she has [...]

    21. Krissy is looking forward to a stay at home vacation after her father cancels their Christmas plans to spend time with his new girlfriend. As Krissy is trying to decide what to do with all her free time this holiday season she is roped into playing an Elf in a local holiday play. When the man who plays Santa is found murdered and Krissy’s cheating ex is arrested as the only suspect she knows it’s up to her to find out who the true killer is. This is a great holiday cozy mystery. Once you sta [...]

    22. Robert might have cheated on Krissy but she doesn't think he's a murderer. I had not read the earlier books in this series but I didn't find that to be a problem as the characters all seemed entirely complete to me. Krissy, a part owner in a bookstore (sigh) finds herself at loose ends at Christmas and allowed her friend to sign her up to be an elf in the local pageant. Bad move! Not only does Santa end up dead, Krissy is in the odd position of solving a crime to exonerate someone she really doe [...]

    23. This was a nice cozy mystery, but I couldn't get into it. I couldn't relate to the characters and the writing was a little stilted. It improved as the book went on.I haven't read any of the other books in the series, so I can't compare them. Briefly, the main character, Krissy, gets roped into performing in a Christmas play. The Santa is killed, and she investigates. Krissy's ex-boyfriend is accused of the murder, but she doesn't believe he did it.The identity of the murderer was well concealed, [...]

    24. This is book five out of the series. It was my first story by the author. The book was a fast read but felt like a slow pace. It was written in a breezy manner- at least it felt like it was. We don't get to suspects until further in the book. I didn't feel connected with the story on many levels. I wanted to feel warm and cozy- as this is a Christmas cozy mystery- but it was a miss for me. I did guess the killer early on. The book did get better half way through.

    25. This is a great book; this is the fifth book in the Bookstore Café Mystery series written by Alex Erickson.This is a great book with a wonderful story and well developed characters. This book will keep you reading long into the night. If you are looking for a great book, then you need to read this book. I am looking forward to reading the next book by this great author. I voluntarily reviewed an advanced reader’s copy of this book. The free book held no determination on my personal review.

    26. Each book in this series that I read, I enjoy a little more than the previous one. Death by Eggnog is my favorite yet, opening up on some of Krissy's relationships we've had little information on as yet-Ex-boyfriend Robert and cranky neighbor Eleanor Winthrow. With a laundry list of suspects with plausible motives, I was kept guessing until the end. Alex Erickson's next book in the series, Death by Espresso, is already on my TBR list!

    27. Although this is the fifth in the series, this is the first one I have read. I liked these characters and the plot. Krissy gets roped into performing in a Christmas play at the local theater, and Santa is murdered. Her ex is accused, and she reluctantly agrees to look into it for him. I think I'll go back and read the others in the series.

    28. I got a free copy thanks to Netgalley, which I’m really great full, in exchange for an honest review. OMG, this has been a great reading. In a couple of chapters I got completely hooked! I missed Will a bit, since he’s a bit absent, but Paul compensated this absence. The only problem I have is that I cannot wait for the next book!

    29. This was a cute Christmas cozy and easy to get into even though I haven't read any other books in this series. Perfect for getting in the holiday mood, with a well-crafted plot and fun cast of characters. Thanks to Kensington Books and Netgalley for this ARC.

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