Battlehymn For two years Captain Gloval and his crew had been chased through the solar system only to be made to feel like unwanted relatives when they returned to Earth Now in direct violation of Council ord

  • Title: Battlehymn
  • Author: Jack McKinney
  • ISBN: 9780345341372
  • Page: 449
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • For two years, Captain Gloval and his crew had been chased through the solar system, only to be made to feel like unwanted relatives when they returned to Earth Now, in direct violation of Council orders, Gloval commands the Super Dimensional Fortress to rise from its landing site in the Pacific .

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    • Free Read [Memoir Book] ↠ Battlehymn - by Jack McKinney ✓
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    1. Drama, action, romance, sci-fi… “Robotech” has it all!OUTSIDERS ON THEIR OWN HOMEOn the previous novel, The SDF-1’s crew thought that the worse was behind once they were able to return to Earth, after a desperate journey of one year travelling through the Solar System while facing several attacks by the Zentraedi army.However, once on Earth, they realized that instead of being the ultimate hope to protect humankind, now they were unwanted outsiders on their own home.The United Earth Gove [...]

    2. This felt very short. Mostly it was the big battle with Kyron. But there was also really great parts with the cult of Minmei among the Zentradi and them wanting to join the SDF1, and lots more Mirya. More death and Minmei being a total selfish idiot. I discovered that these were written by two writers, one I loved and one I didn't. I like to see the one I loved having more to do with them. Lols

    3. Great series of books for kids that enjoy or are interested in science fiction. I read these books in middle school (I'm now in my 30s) and loved each one. The stories are fun, engaging and relatively fast paced. I'd be tempted to reread them now just for old time's sake if I didn't have so many new books on my to-read list. I knocked it down a peg because, in retrospect, there are some aspects that are a bit too cheesy. I'm sure when my kids are old enough, they'll get thier own copies.

    4. At 130-someodd pages, this entry feels thin even by Robotech standards. That it often treads dramatic water and trades in tired tropes (alliteration!) doesn't help matters. It's a serviceable entry, but nothing more.

    5. This book was interesting but not my favourites off all.But it took me longer to finish.My favourites of this series was the third book.This one was also exciting.It talks about the SDF1 returning to Earth and in Earth they have problems

    6. Great SiFi series. Giant battlesuits battling outer space monsters, what more can you ask for. Very recommended

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