Light This wordless comic book follows the exploits of a backpack toting adventurer in a quest to find a mysterious treasure Framed in black the illustrations offer delightful bursts of color and are sure

  • Title: Light
  • Author: Rob Cham
  • ISBN: 9789715085557
  • Page: 152
  • Format: None
  • This wordless comic book follows the exploits of a backpack toting adventurer in a quest to find a mysterious treasure Framed in black, the illustrations offer delightful bursts of color and are sure to entertain readers of any age.

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    About “Rob Cham”

    1. Rob Cham

      Rob Cham is a freelance illustrator, designer, and comic artist who s done illustration works for notable publications and magazines like Rouge, Smile, Esquire, the Philippine Star He has also worked with brands like McDonald s and Adidas Cham has also worked with various government agencies, namely the Department of Social Welfare and Development as well as the Department of Foreign Affairs.

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    1. My first silent comic. Didn't even know they exist. More of a picture book, really. Unusual page layout. Some black and white pages, some pages are with vibrant line art in primary colours on black backgrounds. Our little hero strongly reminded me of the Moomins.(view spoiler)[ (hide spoiler)]He has a sword and a map and is off on a quest! He makes a friend, gets chased by monsters and meets many strange creatures(view spoiler)[ (hide spoiler)]Our two little main characters are quite blood thirs [...]

    2. ARC: Via Netgalley This is actually quite a charming little picture graphic novel. There is no text, just pictures, but the action is easy to follow. The story concerns a creature that reminds one of Bone and his or her quest to find gems. These gems will restore color. The hero (and I am using this as a gender neutral term) eventually gains a partner, a character who reminds one of those ink blot characters that pop up in animation every so often. The quest takes them into the deep and dark cav [...]

    3. This is such an adorable book. I didn't know about the existence of silent comics, so it was cool to experience it. Surprisingly, the lack of words does not make it hard to understand the plot. The characters are so cute and the art is beautiful. I enjoyed reading (viewing?) it.Note: I received a free copy of this book from the publisher. The review and rating are not influenced in any way.

    4. I would like to thank NetGalley and Magnetic Press and Buno Publishing for providing me a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.Introduction: Now for years, I had read many graphic novels that would have written dialogues from the characters to help us understand the story being told in the comics. However, even though I had read many children’s books that had no text and the story was being told through the artwork, I had never read a graphic novel that did not have any dialogue [...]

    5. Note: I received a copy of the book from Diamond Book Distributors via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.Light is a combination of Bone and Adventure Time wrapped up in a little black book.In this silent graphic novel, (view spoiler)[we follow a nameless adventurer on a quest to collect magic gems in order to shine light on a dull world and eventually bring color. Along the way, our hero meets a friend and together they enter hidden places, battle strange creatures, and even meet a craz [...]

    6. Este "cuento" es bastante lindo,no tanto un comic, sino más bien un libro ilustrado de esos que, cuando somos pequeños, vamos formando la historia en base a las imágenes dado que no hay nada escrito. Aun así tenemos una aventura bastante divertida de crear, conalgunos momentos graciosos, tiernos y valientes.Probablemente haré otra reseña cuando me ponga alcorriente con todas las que tengo pendientes.A digital copy of this book was provided by NetGalley

    7. A small explorer ventures into a dark cave system, seeking treasure. With never a word – not spoken, not written, not necessary – he (he?) discovers a friend, a treasure, and still more adventure, all illustrated in dense black and stark white with only strategic splashes of color. It's lovely "silent" story-telling with seemingly simple artwork, conveying all that could be asked of the personalities of the main character and those he encounters. The little hero is almost featureless, but ex [...]

    8. The most adorable novel I've read in a very long time.Well, saying "read" might be an exaggeration, but the whole experience was lovely and heart-warming. A bit of an update :)"Light" is a lovely adventure story about a little guy who journeys to find these little crystals his map shows. There will be monsters, friendship, unexpected meetings and a journey. Sort of like Hobbit, but cuter and with fewer dwarves ;). Just kidding here.Let me just tell you one thing: this book is freaking ADORABLE! [...]

    9. The story itself is charming but rather cliche and predictable. However, I see this more as an exploration of the medium that is "silent/wordless comics," and should be reviewed as such. Telling stories purely visually without words or even motion, just still images, is very interesting. The way that Rob Cham framed and sequenced each page was good. Though personally, I thought the flow could have been better. I guess, in terms of the story and structure, I was just a little underwhelmed.The ill [...]

    10. *An ARC of this book was provided by the publisher via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review*2.5 stars.While it was somewhat cute, mostly entirely due to the characters' expressions, it didn't really satisfy. The story panels did a decent job at telling the story, and I liked that it was wordless, but I really would have liked some more idea of what was taking place through panels that flowed into one another. Some of the panels seemed to jump from one to the next without much idea of what [...]

    11. This was so absolutely BEAUTIFUL!The artwork was amazing - the way Cham used light and shadow it was breathtaking! I'm definitely looking forward to more from Cham!

    12. I received this book from Netgalley in exchange of an honest review.In a world without colour a little guy (or girl, but I see it more as a guy) goes on a journey to find several shiny, colourful crystals. What will happen when he gathers them all?I was immediately interested in this one when I spotted it at Netgalley. I am all for quests, I love playing RPGs and this one reminded me of just that.The story is told entirely through the illustrations. Each page is one illustration. There are no vo [...]

    13. Light, with its obvious inspirations from Bone (but without words), bit of Adventure Time and dungeon-cave fantasy RPGs coupled with Rob Cham's art in pitch black background gives this little book its own unique charm.Light's nameless protagonist travels to a cave, among other places for a mission which is not yet revealed until near a halfway read, from which the result of a successful quest is not revealed until the very end of the book. Thus the story itself is a template of most role playing [...]

    14. ​I received a review copy from the publisher via NetGalley, in exchange with an honest review.This is my very first silent comic, and I wasn't disappointed !I fell in love with the illustration work. This comic shows how a picture is worth a thousand words.The color switching from one contrast to another , was highly appreciated. I highly recommend swapping instantaneously through such pages , to enjoy a short stop motion animation.I wish I understood why he killed a lot, or what lead to havin [...]

    15. This story was sweet and cute and the illustrations were absolutely beautiful. The story is about someone living in a black and white world going on a journey to find gems that will bring colour to their world. This was a quick read and while the storyline was a bit predictable, I thoroughly enjoyed it. The transition between the different illustrations is sometimes rather abrupt, but I was still able to follow the story. The last full colour illustration makes me really curious about seeing mor [...]

    16. Light is an interesting comic about a creature who sets out on a quest. As we follow the creature through the adventures we get to see all that s/he has to endure in order to achieve the aims of the quest.The book is wordless and so the story is told through the pictures alone. I don't generally read wordless graphic novels but I found the experience very different to stories with text because I really had to pay attention to the drawings in order to figure out what was actually happening. The p [...]

    17. I received LIGHT as an ARC from NetGalleyGHT is a graphic novel in the truest sense; it is entirely pictures. There are actually a speech bubble or two with just "?" or "!" in them, and there are a couple of sounds--a "pop" and a "yoink"--but other than that the story is told completely through pictures. The art is deceptively simple (it looks easy but *I* certainly couldn't draw it) and very expressive; the story doesn't need any words. I would love to see LIGHT as a short film (as long as Rob [...]

    18. This is quite a lovely wordless graphic novel, but beyond being lovely there isn't much there.Yes, the Bone like character goes in search of the jewels in the underground, and makes friends with a small creature not unlike him or herself. They fight creatures, and are helped by creatures, and eventually they bring the jewels to the surface and bring color to the world. The End.It feels as though there are missing pictures. It feels like sometimes they attack people they shouldn't, which is shown [...]

    19. I picked this on a whim from net galley because the cover was absolutely gorgeous. and so is what's inside. this is my first silent graphic novel and, besides my ok rating, I liked it. but, when words fail, image has to prevail. and at times I felt like there was some images missing between actions, to get the full extent of the moments of the story (which I'm not sure I completely did). but the art is gorgeous: the use of colour and black and white is so perfectly explored. will pick more title [...]

    20. This graphic novel is so wonderful. The illustration is absolutely beautiful; the colours against the black backdrop looks stunning and I love that the more you look, the more you see. The two little characters are just adorable, they're tiny and fearless taking on giant creatures. Light was the first silent story I've read and to be honest, it made me want to read a whole lot more. I can't praise this enough, I would recommend it to absolutely everyone!

    21. This was perfection!This was my first silent comic "To be honest I didn't know they existed" and the illustration was amazing. Some of the pages were black and white and some with amazing colors.I ended this in 10 minutes because it was very simple but I felt like I needed more from the storyThe ending wasn't satisfying but over all, It was amazing story and the artist did a great job.

    22. Genial!!!Un pequeño libro ilustrado, con una aventura que no necesita diálogos porque sus dibujos lo dicen todo!!! Me ha sorprendido mucho que sin usar ni una sola palabra transmita tanto en tan poco!!!!

    23. A beautiful world-less comic book that should be made into a video game. I am so glad books like these are getting published in the country today.

    24. A wonderful silent comic with unique illustrations. High-quality. I picked this up at Baltimore Comic-Con, and I'm so glad I did!

    25. "Adventure TimeCome on grab your friendswell go to very distant lands" "Light" reminded me of the cartoon Adventure Time. The hero went on a quest to find gems and along the way, he (or she?) met a friend. Together (like Finn and Jake from Adventure time), they escaped or fought against monstrous creatures and found the gems which in the end gave color to the once black and white world they were living in. It was a quick read (since I don't have to read anything, just look at the pictures) and I [...]

    26. Light by Rob Cham is probably one of the most beautiful graphic novels I've ever read!The novel is an adventure story in which we follow our hero on a journey to make the world colourful again. With only one fire torch, we will travel trough dangerous corridors, meeting strange creatures, enemies or allies, all that in order to find five magical gems.Light is a silent novel, so it doesn't have a usual storyline and dialogues, but the story is very easy to follow and understandable. It was my fir [...]

    27. I received a copy of this title from the publisher via Netgalley.Ten Second Synopsis:An adventurer sets off on a quest only to discover that his (her) goal may not be what he (she?) expected.Wordless picture books, or wordless graphic novels, can be a tricky subgenre to connect with. Sometimes the reading experience is profound or hugely memorable, while other times you can get to the end of the book and think, "What on earth was that about?!" I am pleased to report that Light sits neatly in the [...]

    28. Created by Rob Cham, an indie Pinoy artist, THIS IS A COMIC YOU SHOULD DEFINITELY BUY. Light is a new breed of Pinoy comics, breaking free from the usual four-sided panels in the usually 6" x 8" sized local comic books. This comic caught my eye when I was walking around NBS, with its square (6" x 6") size and its monochromatic exterior. Avoiding to judge a book by its cover, I picked it up and quickly browsed through the pages - there was not a single speech bubble in sight AND the pages mostly [...]

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