Resurrection Dreams

Resurrection Dreams Melvin was definitely the biggest creep in Ellsworth High and the other kids mercilessly taunted him for his odd looks and weird behaviours Vicki was the only one to stand up for him but even she had

  • Title: Resurrection Dreams
  • Author: Richard Laymon
  • ISBN: 9780843951851
  • Page: 105
  • Format: Paperback
  • Melvin was definitely the biggest creep in Ellsworth High, and the other kids mercilessly taunted him for his odd looks and weird behaviours Vicki was the only one to stand up for him but even she had to admit he d gone too far when he dug up a body and attempted to bring it back to life with the aid of a car battery Years later Vicki still has nightmares about Melvin Melvin was definitely the biggest creep in Ellsworth High, and the other kids mercilessly taunted him for his odd looks and weird behaviours Vicki was the only one to stand up for him but even she had to admit he d gone too far when he dug up a body and attempted to bring it back to life with the aid of a car battery Years later Vicki still has nightmares about Melvin s joke and now that she s back in Ellsworth, she knows she ll have to see him again Recently released from a mental institution, Melvin is acting stranger than ever His experiments with the dead have progressed and as soon as he can get Vicki or rather her body where he wants her, he can realize his most chilling dream of all

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    1. Richard Laymon

      Richard Laymon was born in Chicago and grew up in California He earned a BA in English Literature from Willamette University, Oregon and an MA from Loyola University, Los Angeles He worked as a schoolteacher, a librarian, and a report writer for a law firm, and was the author of than thirty acclaimed novels He also published than sixty short stories in magazines such as Ellery Queen, Alfred Hitchcock, and Cavalier, and in anthologies including Modern Masters of Horror.He died from a massive heart attack on February 14, 2001 Valentine s Day Also published under the name Richard Kelly

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    1. Resurrection Dreams is the funniest most fun best book I ever read that helped add to the growing, gnawing, bone-crunching, lipsmacking interest in zombies that, by this point, has swept nearly everyone up into an uncontrollable off the heezy zombie frenzy that forever changed the world we know leaving in its wake a land of apocalyptic death, ruin, and destruction. A world that will NEVER be the same. EVER AGAIN. And I've been thanking this book ever since!And all the cool George Romero zombie f [...]

    2. This book was bat-excrement insane. But that's why we read Laymon. There's a creep of an antagonist. A hot/smart protagonist (with a hot/sorta smart friend). There's a bizarre premise that would only work in a Laymon novel. And of course there's Richard Laymon's inimitable style. If you're looking for a pleasant Sunday drive, stay far away from this book. If you feel like being strapped to the hood of a muscle car and driven off a cliff, read RESURRECTION DREAMS. That is all.

    3. I was in the mood for some mindless blood and guts reanimated corpse sex slave killing spree fun. This one fit the bill nicely. Laymon’s good like that.Blue ribbon science fair experiments, headless weeny chewing girlfriends, reanimated hotties, plenty of inappropriate fondling and black magic body mods. Let the good times roll!

    4. This is an amusingly vile take on the back from the grave plot. Laymon takes twisted delight in creating Melvin, a junk food ingesting geek with an all consuming desire to bring back a woman from the dead. He uses old tomes with recipes/spells to bring the dead back to life but never truly believes it’ll work (we would’ve heard about on the news if were possible, wouldn’t we?!). Somehow his most recent *recipe* works and then the fun begins because he’s unprepared to deal with the conseq [...]

    5. This was okay, but not one of the breast Laymon books I have ever read. Oh geez, I have to watch that, its just that sometimes I accidentally slip one in like that.Melvin is the poster boy for goofy villains. He has two obsessions; Vicki, the only girl that was ever nice to him in high school (the lesson there is never be nice to the weird guy), and bringing people back from the dead.Both of these fetishes are going to cause an undue amount of grief for a lot of people, but Melvin could honestly [...]

    6. Written in 1988 this book starts off sounding unlike Laymon in many ways but by the time I got sucked into it I appreciated the book for what it was. Published after his untimely death in 2001 the story came out without his final editing but still a good read, especially for the die hard fans. This is certainly not his best book but I enjoyed it, the suspense kept on building up and made me twist in my seat, wondering what is going to happen next.After finishing medical school Vicki Chandler com [...]

    7. People praise Laymon like he is the messiah of Horror; so far my experiences with him have been hit and miss. The plot is cheesy, childishly simple, and mainly predictable. Predictable, cheesy, simple plots can be enjoyed, of course, but one usually expects a bit more from Laymon. The idea that Melvin can really do what he does is outlandish enough; a reader learns to suspend a certain amount of disbelief, but the way it came to play here seemed a bit overdone. Also, what was the purpose? You wo [...]

    8. I thought this book was another success for Richard Laymon. It was gruesome and actually quite funny. A unique take on zombies and one's sadistic way of resurrecting the dead. Action packed and likeable characters, this one will get your heart pumping. The ending was a little disappointing but overall it made do. I would definitely recommend this book to anyone who loves horror.

    9. When you read a Laymon novel, you know what you're getting intoand this novel certainly is in keeping with that. Vicki Chandler returns home to Ellsworth after finishing medical school, even has a job lined up at the local doctor's clinic, but doesn't look forward to seeing Melvin Dobbs again. You see, Melvin owns and operates the town gas station and garage. But he's also known for his crazy high school stunt, when Vicki went to school with him, in which he'd attempted to resurrect a dead cheer [...]

    10. I wish I could have been in the room when Laymon was working on this one. I picture him drinking Pepsi, eating trail-mix, and having a few chuckles. I had a few chuckles too while reading this. It is one of the more humorous tales from the Laymonverse. And while I thought it was a huge amount of fun, by the end of it I was ready for something else. The amount of stupid decisions by Vicki, our heroine, was really irritating towards the end. Now we all know that stupid decisions are part of the fu [...]

    11. I thought this book was definitely one of if not the funniest Laymon books I've read so far. The characters were great! Specially Melvin LOL the plot was cool I thought that it was gonna be the same type of zombie book everybody's writing these days, but it's far from it. It's definitely a suspenseful book that keeps you guessing there were some great twists in this book also. I really enjoyed the read it was a fast paced funny and horrifying book!! I definitely recommend to Laymon fans if you h [...]

    12. A man resurrects a lady, repeatedly has sex with her and wishes he were with another woman. I suppose I only made it as far as I did with this story because I wanted to know what made this guy tick. Not the character but the author. He's supposed to be the best horror author ever. To me he's "shocking" to the degree that he takes things out of the ordinary and places it into everyday life as any good horror author should be able to. But it's not something that's entertaining or that I'd want to [...]

    13. I expect older horror novels to be pretty cheesy, but Resurrection Dreams holds the new record with me. The opening chapters center on a socially awkward high school senior who, for his final science fair project, digs up the corpse of a recently dead classmate, hooks her up to a car battery, and attempts to bring her back to life.In front of a crowd.With a megaphone.Sure, this introduction establishes that Melvin (props to Laymon for the perfect name, by the way) is insane, but it raises severa [...]

    14. Hailed as a king in the genre, I can guarantee this review will attract flamers and enough hate mail to make even Vanilla Ice feel good about his life, but someone has to say it and it might as well be me. As much as I respect and admire Richard Laymon, he has now become the Tupac Shakur of the writing world, and it’s beginning to show. Wait, put down those pitchforks and torches and let me explain. After I put this book down, I realized that – much like second-hand smoke- the plot had sucke [...]

    15. HmmI don't know how I feel about this one, my fifth Richard Laymon book. It's like one of those USA Up All Night movies (hosted by Gilbert Godfrey), mixed with Weeked At Bernie's, a little Porky's, and maybe even a dash of Peter Jackson's Braindead. In a paperback. Yeeesh, I want to like it, I really do! It starts out great, has some gnarly dream sequences, some knee slapping scenes, and even a fairly interesting premise. But, then he doesn't really do anything with the premise. Our antagonist M [...]

    16. This was what I now expect from a Richard laymon novel, a good story, that's got all the crazy you need and to have him still obsessed with nipples and asses! Melvin is the town physco who wants to bring people back from the dead beginning in his senior year with the dug up corpse of a cheerleader classmate. It doesn't work, he ends up hospitalized for a few years, before being released back to his town.Vicky, the girl he is obsessed with, is also back in town after training to be a doctor. Thin [...]

    17. Zombies were never as much fun as this! I am not, in general, a zombie fan I find most of the movies to be amongst the worst in the horror genre, and the few times I have stumbled across zombies in books, I tend to roll my eyes. But Laymon has a real knack for horror, and made me really enjoy this entertaining and excitingly creepy zombie story. At first the villain, Melvin, seemed so sympathetic on account of his brutally bullied past, as the story continued, he really grew from bullied boy to [...]

    18. I do like Laymon. He's definitely one to file under 'guilty pleasures' but I like him nonethless. Much of this is his usual fare but rather than being filled with a desire to be outright vile, it's written with a sort of impish glee.My only realy complaint (aside from the frequency with which characters herein either change clothes or shower) is the ending: it's truly awful. I've come to terms with the fact that most endings are at the very least unsatisying, often worse. But this? Was he near a [...]

    19. I devoured this book in a few days - I just couldn't put it down! Fantastic and shocking story with just the right amount of gore. Laymon's ability to misdirect the reader is brilliant - the amount of times my hand was actually up to my mouth in surprise.Without spoiling the ending - this was the only thing I felt let it down - someone appearing randomly after years and years just 'because' felt a bit forced - like he was trying to shoehorn a happy ending in somewhere.But on the whole a great re [...]

    20. Love Laymon and loved this book, however this has a awful ending and I feel a bit cheated. Wish readers were given clarification as to what happened to Melvin inparticular. Feel a couple more chapters were need however that may be a sign of not wanting the book to end as i loved the rest of the book.

    21. AS usual with Laymon, I found this book gorey, horrific and down right fun to read! Laymon's books are like watching a cheesy B horror flick; one of my all-time favorite pasttimesah, you need a vivid imagination and a suspension of reality to get 'sucked in', but boy oh boy, is it worth it!

    22. The first Laymon book I read (loaned from my now sister-in-law), I enjoyed this enough to track down more of the same. Written in that golden period when he wasn't a) trying to tell the story at the speed of sound and b) wasn't trying to make each novel a doorstop.

    23. This book was so mortifiying that I could barely put it down. I loved it for that fact. Laymon is positively one of the most gruisome writters I have read.

    24. When I went into this book, I didn't realise it was going to be about zombies. I'm not a fan of zombie lore, but decided I'd keep going because it's by one of my favorite horror writers. I'm glad I carried on because it ended up not being that bad. I thought the plot of this would be very predictable, but the story went in a completely different way than I was expecting. The characters were not really that great. They were the type of caricatures seen in B-grade horror films. But I still cared a [...]

    25. Melvin Dobbs hat sich für den Wissenschaftsbeitrag an der Highschool etwas ganz Besonderes einfallen lassen. Von seinen Mitschülern wurde er schon immer beäugt und als Sonderling dargestellt. Melvin hat es satt, ohne ersichtlichen Grund den Außenseiter zu spielen und möchte seine Gegenspieler schocken. Und zwar mit einer Wiederbelebungsmaschine. Als Testobjekt dient ihm eine kürzlich verstorbene Mitschülerin, die er selbst für das Projekt auf dem Friedhof wieder ausgegraben hat. Als Melv [...]

    26. Every October I find myself picking up a horror book or two in celebration of Halloween. This book represents the first of that genre for 2006. I had heard a lot about Richard Laymon and thought I'd give him a try. After reading Resurrection Dreams, I'll say that he writes fairly well, his stories are interesting and well-paced, and I have generally enjoyed his writing.In this book, the main character is a very disturbed youngster in high school obsessed with the idea of resurrection from the de [...]

    27. I keep hoping that I’ll find a Richard Laymon novel that truly impresses me – but it hasn’t happened yet. Certainly, Laymon was a most competent horror writer, but his work just seems to lack that extra something that would make it vibrant and unforgettable. Resurrection Dreams is a case in point; one of several novels published after Laymon’s untimely death in 2001, it features a most predictable storyline with few surprises along the way, and the supernatural aspect upon which the crux [...]

    28. ‘Resurrection Dreams’ weaves an over-the-top yet somewhat engaging story about a creepy guy, Melvin who is obsessed with the idea of resurrecting dead people. He is also fixated with Vicki who was nice to him while others either ignored him or ridiculed him.Melvin was a very believable antagonist and he’s easily the most (somewhat) fleshed out character. Laymon succeeded in portraying him as the typical weird kid that everyone stays away from or makes fun of. As if that isn’t bad enough, [...]

    29. Absolut lesenswert!Bei „Das Grab“ von Richard Laymon handelt es sich wieder um einen typischen Laymon-Roman, geprägt von durchgeknallten Figuren und einem hohen Level an Sex und Gewalt!Schon auf den ersten Seiten bekommt man eine richtige Breitseite von Laymon ab. Man bekommt das übel zugerichtete Opfer eines Autounfalles präsentiert, welches von zwei triebgesteuerten Jugendlichen entdeckt und sogar ausgiebig betatscht wird! Sehr gut hat mir gefallen, dass man die Geschichte sowohl aus de [...]

    30. One thing I can say for Laymon, he can be counted on to deliver if you are looking for sick & twisted. Melvin Dobbs is the kind of guy that no one likes and everyone likes to pick on and for good reason. Melvin's obsession is to resurrect the dead. After a high school stunt to resurrect a dead cheerleader backfires, Melvin is sent away to an institution where he is 'cured' of his obsession, or so he says. Vicki was the only girl in high school who ever stood up for Melvin. Now she is back in [...]

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