The Unraveling of Lady Fury

The Unraveling of Lady Fury Rule One There will be no kissing Rule two There will be no touching Widowed Lady Fury Shelton hasn t lost everything yet As long as she produces the heir to the Beaumont dukedom she just might be ab

  • Title: The Unraveling of Lady Fury
  • Author: Shehanne Moore
  • ISBN: 9781939194763
  • Page: 262
  • Format: ebook
  • Rule One There will be no kissing Rule two There will be no touching Widowed Lady Fury Shelton hasn t lost everything yet As long as she produces the heir to the Beaumont dukedom, she just might be able to keep her position And her secrets But when the callously irresistible Captain James Flint Blackmoore sails back into her life, Lady Fury panics She must find aRule One There will be no kissing Rule two There will be no touching Widowed Lady Fury Shelton hasn t lost everything yet As long as she produces the heir to the Beaumont dukedom, she just might be able to keep her position And her secrets But when the callously irresistible Captain James Flint Blackmoore sails back into her life, Lady Fury panics She must find a way to protect herself and her future from the man she d rather see rotting in hell than sleeping in her bed If she must bed him to keep her secrets, so be it But she doesn t have to like it A set of firm rules for the bedroom will ensure that nothing goes awry Because above all else, she must stop herself from wanting the one thing that Flint can never give her His heart.Ex privateer Flint Blackmoore has never been good at following the rules Now, once again embroiled in a situation with the aptly named Lady Fury, he has no idea why he doesn t simply do the wise thing and walk away He knows he s playing with fire, and that getting involved with her again is dangerous than anything on the high seas But he can t understand why she s so determined to hate him He isn t sure if the secret she keeps will make things harder or easier for him, but as the battle in the bedroom heats up, he knows at least one thing Those silly rules of hers will have to go

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    About “Shehanne Moore”

    1. Shehanne Moore

      Shehanne Moore is a Scottish author, who writes gritty, witty, as much risky as risqu , historical romance, set wherever takes her fancy Stories that detail the best and worst of human behaviour, as opposed to pouts and flounces For years she worked at various things, while pursuing her dream of becoming a published writer, so she was gobsmacked to sell her book, The Unraveling of Lady Fury, written in three months, to U.S publishers, Etopia Press, six days after subbing it.Shehanne still lives in Scotland, with her husband Mr Shey She has two daughters When not writing intriguing historical romance, where goals and desires of sassy, unconventional heroines and ruthless men, mean worlds do collide, she fantasizes about cleaning the house, plays the odd musical instrument and loves what in any other country, would not be defined, as hill walking.

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    1. Have you ever read a book where the start leaves you panting? Every page you turn there's nothing to bog the feeling down? With every chapter you grow shorter and shorter of breath until 3/4's of the way through? Then your eyes sting, breathing becomes impossible and a looming sense of dread keeps you reading faster and faster? And the end comes and that sting in your eyes turns to proper tears, streaming down your face, barely pausing and you can take a full breath again? But your heart warms, [...]

    2. An intense thrilling read. Utterly engrossing and different. Grittier,sharper and smart. Very smart. Hilarious in parts neatly balanced with heart stopping poignancy. Flint and Fury, well, Ms Moore has that rare talent of ensuring the reader climbs inside their skins to live and feel every setback and every little triumph. The plot twists,the characters stride proudly from the page fully formed from the start. An awesome read,unforgettable. Highly recommended and worth every one of the stars awa [...]

    3. Brilliantly drawn characters. Stellar writing. Emotional journey. SIX STARS if I could.Lady Fury Shelton is on a mission to find a man. Not just any man, she’s in need of his services…stud services. Oh, don’t go there. This isn’t any sordid affair. This is strictly business. Controlled. Structured. No emotions. THERE ARE RULES. Enter Fury’s past. Captain James FLINT Blackmoore. On the block, his life has gone to hell in a hand basket. Together Fury and Flint have known t [...]

    4. Thought I knew what would happen, but I was wrong. I love that! :) Shehanne Moore really puts her characters through the ringer in this book! Lady Fury is definitely one-of-a-kind; nobody gets the upper hand with her. But I won't say more, because I don't want to spoil any of the surprises.

    5. I’m not a fast reader, and for that matter, find very little time to read these days. I started reading The Unraveling of Lady Fury with anticipation, as I’d heard so many people talking about it. I wasn’t disappointed!Right from the get go, I was hooked. The chemistry – and sparks – between Lady Fury and Flint had me ducking for cover. Intense, deep, witty, well written, this is one of the best books I’ve ever read. It has depth, action, riveting characters, devastation and elation. [...]

    6. Jane Hunt Writer First StepsJane Hunt Writer Book Reviews Google+The Unraveling of Lady Fury is edgy historical romance distinctive and original. Lady Fury is a delight. Outwardly strong and driven; safe behind her impenetrable shell which cloaks past hardship and abuse and a broken heart that bleeds whenever she thinks about her first lover. She is intelligent used to living on her wits to survive fate's constant curve balls.Captain Flint is an enigma whose piratical ways leave devastation in h [...]

    7. *I recieved a free ecopy of this book from the publisher/author in exchange for an honest review. Review done in conjunction with Tasty Book Tours*This book was just okay for me. I was hoping for a fast paced read. I enjoy historical fiction but felt there wasn't much "historical" about it. Yes, it was set back in earlier timesbut there was no real historical facts woven into the storyline. The relationship between Fury and Flint didn't really click for me either. I wasn't drawn into their relat [...]

    8. The Unravelling of Lady Fury by Shehanne Moore is a delightful story full of twists and turns and characters that leave you turning the page in anticipation of what will happen next!Lady Fury and Captain Flint have met before this book takes place, and this second meeting is something Lady Fury did not anticipate. A story of second chances, witty verbal sparring, serious moments such as conceiving an heir and securing a fortune, and characters that you can't help but love.Captain Flint is a stro [...]

    9. Wow - this is probably not like any historical you've read before!Flint and Fury are a potent mixture - with a duty to perform - between them they must produce the Beaumont heir. But why?Fury is, well Fury and Flint is frankly a pirate. Fury has more secrets than current plans - oh and the twist half way through? Wasn't expecting that.As for Storm and Fortune - suspect we'll be hearing from them in due course. Don't say I didn't warn you.

    10. The Unraveling of Lady Fury Fury's husband Thomas was now dead but he told her to make sure she did whatever was needed to produce a Beaumont family heir. She had collected information in a book for years on wealthy people to use later in life when she needed to get help. She was at that point now, as the information would buy the silence of a few men and she would pick one of them to give her what she needed to make sure she became pregnant before anyone found out that Thomas was dead. Then Cap [...]

    11. I liked some, I didn't like some. I absolutely loved the subtle and surprising LOL moments. The banter between the hero and heroine was downright hilarious at times."Forced intimacy is very difficult. Your face is getting in the way of the ceiling--""My face?""--which is what I wish to look at"You know from the blurb that this woman needs an heir and stat. Seems her husband is dead in the cellar and she's going to be flat-broke and on the streets if it's known she doesn't have a bun in the oven. [...]

    12. Do you ever read a book that you love so much that you talk about it to people and they just don’t understand why you’re getting so hyped up?Well, this was one of those books for me.It was a fantastic read. Right from page one I knew it was going to be a book I’d enjoy. Fury (a great name for a character) was a great female leading character, she was strong but not annoyingly so. After finding herself in a difficult position, she makes a difficult decision, and I can believe her motivation [...]

    13. busymomsbookreviewssp****This book was part of a blog tour I was given a copy for my honest review**** I have such mixed feelings about this book. I loved Captain James “Flint” Blackmoore and enjoyed the story but spent half the time confused even by the sex scenes. It was so hard to understand what was going on, half the time I had to re-read facts or I wouldn't even know they had sex until it was done. It just felt like there was too much worry going into the historical aspect of it rather [...]

    14. On the edge of my seat with an urge to cry in the name of Lady Fury; that’s how I've felt while reading this book. How could Fury not break down and cry? The things she’s been through… Her strength and determination are admirable. With Flint it wasn’t much different. At times I wanted to kiss him and at times I wanted to throttle him. Yet, when things were right between them it was like a blast of fresh air that urged me to continue. There was a connectoin between them, an easy banter th [...]

    15. Oh these two - Lady Fury and Captain Flint. Lady Fury sets the rules and her sexy Captain must obey them - even though when he does so,it nearly kills her! I loved this book. It's a big, rambunctious tale, set in Genoa in 1820. Lady Fury must secure her future - and that of her daughter - by bearing her husband's child, who will inherit the Beaumont fortune. There's only one snag - her husband lies dead in a box in the cellar. So what's a determined woman to do? Why, make the best of it, of cour [...]

    16. Romantic, intelligent, dramatic. The Unraveling of Lady Fury is really the unraveling love story between two very strong characters: ruthless Flint and broken-hearted Fury, who share a secret past. The author has succeeded in slowly unraveling this past as she cleverly takes the reader through twists and turns of this historical romance.

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