Her Wanton Wager

Her Wanton Wager An Heiress on a Mission After two failed Seasons Persephone Fines has vowed to reform her hoydenish ways But when her beloved brother falls into the clutches of wicked gamester Gavin Hunt she must t

  • Title: Her Wanton Wager
  • Author: Grace Callaway
  • ISBN: 9781939537003
  • Page: 334
  • Format: ebook
  • An Heiress on a Mission After two failed Seasons, Persephone Fines has vowed to reform her hoydenish ways But when her beloved brother falls into the clutches of wicked gamester Gavin Hunt, she must take action Hunt offers her a shocking proposition he will release her brother if she can resist six nights of seduction Can she withstand the passion of her deepest fantaAn Heiress on a Mission After two failed Seasons, Persephone Fines has vowed to reform her hoydenish ways But when her beloved brother falls into the clutches of wicked gamester Gavin Hunt, she must take action Hunt offers her a shocking proposition he will release her brother if she can resist six nights of seduction Can she withstand the passion of her deepest fantasies in order to save her family A Rogue Trapped in the Past A product of London s violent stews, Gavin Hunt has clawed his way to success and power Now he will stop at nothing to achieve his life long goal revenge upon the man who betrayed him He plans to seduce his enemy s sister but never counts on losing his heart Will he give up his need for vengeance or lose the only woman he s ever loved From Six Nights to Forever As seduction flares into uncontrollable desire, Gavin and Percy must also battle a hidden enemy Only by trusting one another can they defeat the threats of past and present In this high stakes game of love versus sin, what will be the outcome of Her Wanton Wager

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    1. Grace Callaway

      Grace grew up in Canada In order to avoid frost bite in the winter and mosquitoes in the summer, she spent a lot of time reading indoors Her earliest attempts at writing resulted in rhymes about puppies and flying carpets as a teenager, she graduated to angst ridden, non rhyming poems about nothing in particular.Perhaps wisely, she took a break from writing to get a doctorate from the University of Michigan She now lives with her family in Northern California When not occupied by three full time careers motherhood, marriage, and a psychology practice , she leads the glamorous life of a romance writer In other words, she can be found hunched over a keyboard, usually in her pjs, and almost always muttering to herself.Her first manuscript, Her Husband s Harlot, was a 2010 Romance Writers of America Golden Heart Finalist Two months after publication, Her Husband s Harlot became the 1 Bestselling Regency Romance on.

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    1. Percy is the heroine I have been waiting for! There were no "miscommunications" no "misunderstandings" and no yelling "would you just talk to each other for goodness sakes!". If Percy wants to know the truth, she asks. If she is thinking something, she says it. Not only can see communicate she can also listen, she things from the other person's perspective and not automatically jump to conclusions. Basically,Percy is as close to a real person as I have ever come across in a novel and it was so r [...]

    2. This is a plot not I would normally read but as I love Grace Callaways writing I decided to read this series als well and with that this Book. And I was not disappointed.I really liked Nicholas, the Hero from the First book , so it was a bit difficult to get to like someone who is totally apposed to him but Gavin managed it quite fine I liked how These two were together and how their relationship developed. This is something Mrs. Gallaway excells at and I love italthough this book is not as good [...]

    3. The story was goodPercy's character was very colorful and well written. Gavin's unrefined ways was also what made his personality interesting; although his intentions in the beginning left much to be desiredhe became sure of Percy very quickly. Callaway's heroes are so manly and very decisiveo qualities I really like in them. The plot was nothing new but Callaway makes it a page turner in the simple and effective prose and fast moving story. I liked this book much better than the first book. The [...]

    4. This was another excellent book by Ms Callaway.I really enjoy her style of writinghistorical with heat. This series is very good and I am hoping she will be writing more about the wonderful characters she has introduced us to.I am hoping the tension between Lady Draven and Mr Kent will be explained and a certain brother of the h will grow up and get a life.My only fault with this book is that sometimes she did drag out the plot a little.Great storyn't wait for more.

    5. Dari tadi siang gw mo bikin review ni novel, tp gw lupa judulnya dan kindle nya ga bawa ke kantor, ada si di hp gw sync kan, tp hp nya jauh ahahahaha #pentingbangetmentiondisini #gwpengenpulang #biarafdol buahahahahah Okay serius deh, bahasanya agak sedikit tidak enak si, tidak seenak penulis laen yg gw baca, tapi jalan ceritanya bagus dan hot si pasti XD Ceritanya tu si mbaknya Heiress, Percy Fines one day dapet surat dari kakaknya Paul Fines bilang kalau die kalah judi dan menggandaikan Fines [...]

    6. You know when you pick up a book with zero expectations and get blown away when you read it? This is one of those books for me. I had not read anything from this author and knew nothing of the series and now the series and the author is on my "favorite" list.The main characters bring on the tension and angst, but they also bring the funny banter, charm, and sweet romance. Percy is adorable- headstrong and loyal, so much so, that she would risk facing the devil himself to try to save her brother [...]

    7. Oh how I LOVED this book! It was ever better than Her Husband’s Harlot (HHH). I knew in HHH that Paul, Percy’s brother, was headed for disaster and in Her Wanton Wager he finally hits rock bottom and it’s up to Percy to bail him out. Gavin never have a chance! Percy had been looking for adventure her entire life and she wasn’t afraid to chase it find her happy ending.I enjoyed Percy and her wild ways in book 1 and in this book, she is even more wild and adventurous. In the early 1800’s [...]

    8. Once again, Callaway does not disappoint. She creates a sexy scenario set up in an unexpected way by a loose end in the first book (once that I didn't think would pay off for ages). The characters behave like real people, which means that they sometimes do dumb things for emotional reasons - but unlike other novels, the characters are also capable of having conversations and getting past their issues. Callaway also does a great job of setting up what would be a reason for conflict between the tw [...]

    9. I'm really enjoying this series so far. I love the characters, the writing, the twists and turns and the romance is something I didn't think I would love as much as I do. I love Percy and Gavin separately but I really love how passion turned into something much more. I like how so many questions were answered in this one because the previous book left me hanging a little bit. I think the book could have been a little bit shorter and moved a little faster in certain places, but overall it was a g [...]

    10. Beginning was a bit slow, but it started to pick up after the first couple of chapters. I hope this author rights more.

    11. A wonderfully steamy and exciting regency romance with an unusually feisty heroine and a real bad boy hero, who's the owner of a very dingy establishment. Loved every single minute of it!

    12. Her Wanton Wager is the second book in the Mayhem in Mayfair series. After reading and enjoying the first one (Her Husband's Harlot), I wanted to try another book by this author. Written well for the era it was set in, the flourish and elegance of the style suited story well. So often the language and manner of speech is out of touch with the setting of the story. (I didn't expect everyone to speak like Jane Austen but there were enough colloquial words and phrases that transported the reader to [...]

    13. I loved this book, I have actually read it a couple times. Persephone is trying to save her brother from the clutches of Gavin when the brother has lost too much and Gavin is ready to take all. Persephone trying to save her family from ruin offers Gavin whatever he wants as long as he leaves her brother and family alone. In doing this she has opened an opportunity up for Gavin to get HER. She must resist 6 nights of seduction (not continues) by Gavin or he wins what her brother lost. What will h [...]

    14. I loved Percy so much, she was just smart and kind and spunky (I know, that word, but bear with me) and fun. I loved that she went toe to toe with a notorious criminal Gavin as his equal in all things. I'm a big fan of Callaway, another great offering from her.

    15. Love this series!Grace Callaway's writing pulls you in and keeps you interested to the very end. I love books in a series because you get to know the people in the story and how their lives turn out. Keep writing and I'll keep reading.

    16. Steamy romance!Whoa detailed sex scenes but i loved the attraction from the start and really like the story and how it unfolded!

    17. Hot, Hot, HotHER WANTON WAGER is the second book in the Mayhem in Mayfair series. It is the story of Persephone Fines (aka Percy) who is a middle class miss whose family has dreams of having her marry into the ton. She believes herself in love with a Viscount who seems perfect to fulfill her family's dreams. In order to attract the Viscount, however, the vivacious Percy has to behave herself and give up her "silly" hobbies like her writing of a novel. Percy is most concerned about her brother, w [...]

    18. I LOVED HER WANTON WAGER!!WOW!! I loved "Her Wanton Wager" bk 2 in the Mayhem In Mayfair series!! This story has a very well and layered storyline staring the hero Gavin Hunt and the heroin Miss.Percy Fines. Gavin was abandoned by his mother and wrongfully jailed at 10 yrs. old for a crime he did not commit. Fifteen years later he is now the owner of a gaming hell named the Underworld.Percy is always getting herself in one predicament after another. This time she must make a wager with the hands [...]

    19. Lady Percy discovers that her brother has just gambled away his half of the family business to a notorious gamester, Gavin Hunt. Hoping to fix things, she appeals to Gavin's sense of honor. He's not so soft-hearted and refuses of course, but he does offer her a wager. If she can resist six nights of his attempting to seduce her, then he'll release the debt. But Gavin is determined to win because through this debt and now a chance to ruin Lady Percy, Gavin can destroy (and thus get his revenge) a [...]

    20. I really enjoyed the novel, Her Wanton Wager by Grace Callaway. I liked the characters Gavin and Percy. Ms. Callaway created a very strong story with characters you will love. The premise of the story is about Persephone Fines, Percy, who when she finds out her brother has fallen into the clutches of gamester, she dresses up as a man and rushes out to do whatever it takes to save him which includes seeing the most notorious owner of a gaming Hell Gavin Hunt. . Hunt offers her an outrageous propo [...]

    21. I must begin by saying that I do NOT believe that those of you who only read "clean" regency romances (or clean romances in general) will enjoy this story due to the crass language and sexual content, however I do believe it will appeal to a wide variety of other people. And if you are put off by graphic sex scenes and vulgar language, but are still interested in the overall plot? You can always skip those scenes and still enjoy a beautifully written story. Now that we've gotten that out of the [...]

    22. I can understand a young woman wanting to help out her brother when he's gotten into trouble. Even doing something a bit on the risky side. But ignoring the fact that her brother was simply getting in deeper and deeper with the gambling while she was happily falling in love with his first debtor - what a fool! I just couldn't get that out of my head the whole time I was reading this book. She had a bet with the guy her brother owed. And he didn't just owe money, he owed the shares of their late [...]

    23. A promising story premise, but language used - while probably accurately reflecting the social class of the character - was just too vulgar/base for me. It was jarring and made me cringe on the inside right when I'd just started liking the H again.I was also distracted when I reached the kidnap scene. As soon as that started, I was sent flashing back to another kidnap scene in another story and the similarity between setting, events and escape were so uncanny, I was more preoccuppied with trying [...]

    24. I have had this book on my kindle for months and kept passing over it. But when I read Ms. Callaway's novella a Widow Vanishes in the Scandalous Summer Night collection - and Percy and Gavin were mentioned in that book, I had to read this book. I LOVED this book! It was a little of everything and a whole lotta hot and steamy love scenes (I am still fanning myself!). There is a mystery, forbidden love, a tortured hero, a truly refreshing heroine and some much needed closure for some characters fr [...]

    25. I would rate this story somewhere between a 3.4 and a 3.6. The story came similar to others in this genre. The element were similar and the outcome somewhat predictable.What made this different was that the heroine wasn't a push over, mamby-pambi , whinny, clingy chit. She was outspoken and didn't flee at a shift in the wind. The mystery was well established, the characters were real and it wasn't until closer to the end did I realize that the book was 2nd in the series. Overall, I don't think I [...]

    26. After reading Her Husband's Harlot I knew I had to continue the series. Gavin and Percy are perfect together. Gavin is confident, a little tortured and sexy (a man's man). Who does not want a hero like that? Percy is definitely a hoyden and only wants to protect her brother, Paul (hero of the last Mayhem book). One of my favorite scenes is when Percy masquerades as a man and asks Gavin to relent his pursuit of Paul. Of course Gavin does not fall for her act and sexual tension arises very quickly [...]

    27. (I listened to the audible version.)I enjoyed this.This was so much better than the first book in the series. Granted, the sex scenes are still more graphic and crude than most other regencies I've read but the story was much better. I had many issues with narration, however. Pronunciation. For instance, The "O" in "Covent" (Garden) was pronounced like Covert; "Ton" being pronounced like "tun". I can't remember the other words right now (meant to write them down) but I found it very distracting. [...]

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