The Art of Computer Programming, Volume 1: Fundamental Algorithms

The Art of Computer Programming Volume Fundamental Algorithms Details fundamental concepts and techniques of non numerical analysis in computer programming and discusses mathematical linguistics language translation programming and basic seminumerical combin

  • Title: The Art of Computer Programming, Volume 1: Fundamental Algorithms
  • Author: Donald Ervin Knuth
  • ISBN: 9780201038095
  • Page: 225
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Details fundamental concepts and techniques of non numerical analysis in computer programming, and discusses mathematical linguistics, language translation programming and basic, seminumerical, combinatorial, and syntactical algorithms.

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    • Unlimited [Sports Book] Æ The Art of Computer Programming, Volume 1: Fundamental Algorithms - by Donald Ervin Knuth ↠
      225 Donald Ervin Knuth
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    About “Donald Ervin Knuth”

    1. Donald Ervin Knuth

      Donald Ervin Knuth, born January 10th 1938, is a renowned computer scientist and Professor Emeritus of the Art of Computer Programming at Stanford University.Author of the seminal multi volume work The Art of Computer Programming TAOCP , Knuth has been called the father of the analysis of algorithms, contributing to the development of, and systematizing formal mathematical techniques for, the rigorous analysis of the computational complexity of algorithms, and in the process popularizing asymptotic notation.In addition to fundamental contributions in several branches of theoretical computer science, Knuth is the creator of the TeX computer typesetting system, the related METAFONT font definition language and rendering system, and the Computer Modern family of typefaces.A prolific writer and scholar, Knuth created the WEB CWEB computer programming systems designed to encourage and facilitate literate programming, and designed the MMIX instruction set architecture.

    960 thoughts on “The Art of Computer Programming, Volume 1: Fundamental Algorithms”

    1. At first, I enjoyed this dense and scholarly volume. Knuth's dry humor is peppered throughout the book, but pops up most frequently in the first few chapters. It seemed at odds with the negative (and adoring) opinions I'd read about the book.I was told (by Knuth in his introduction) that I could skip as much of the math as I liked. So I dutifully skimmed through the math chapter and continued.Then I hit MIX. It's the theoretical computer to which all of the program examples in the book will be w [...]

    2. oh, who am i kidding? i have never read this straight through, but i think i've covered a lot of it over the course of 8 years as an engineer. if i was stranded on a desert island with enough food and water to last the rest of my life, this series of books is what i would take with me. there are so many puzzles in these books that it could keep you occupied for a lifetime. i don't know how one man wrote these books.

    3. This book outlines the design of computers and shows how many of the challenges of programming development have been addressed. It is a great and foundational computer science book. Today, understanding the operation of the processor is less critical and the way data structures are used has somewhat evolved. The math and assembly programs gave critical insight into practice and optimization at one time, however are less relevant now. Programmers who read it will still love this book.It was a nic [...]

    4. An excellent learning resource for anyone with an interest in computers or mathematics. Not exactly a light read, but it provides a great set of tools that can be applied to many situations. The problem sets were concise, interesting and a far better substitute to doing sudokus on the morning commute. I tried to work through all the problems rated 25 or less, while glancing at the more complex/time consuming ones, but I sometimes lacked the skills to complete a problem. I would like to revisit t [...]

    5. This book was somewhat of a mixed blessing. I really enjoyed the mathematical exactness and thoroughness. However, I did not at all like the decision to have the sample code in a made-up assembly language. That made the programs utterly unreadable. Maybe I'm just not HC geek enough, but IMO when the point is to present algorithms, the sample code should be clear and easy to read. Using a higher level language would have been more appropriate.Also, it would have been nice to have had flow graphs [...]

    6. It is one of the best books which makes me love Computer Science. It is simple and fascinating, and every chapter marks a new milestone

    7. Donald E. Knuth's The Art of Computer Programming provides a detailed textbook for classical Computer Science, starting with the foundational mathematics and working through (in this volume) data structures such as Linked Lists, Trees, and Graphs.While authoritative and enjoyable to read, I personally felt unprepared (even with advance warning) for the sheer volume of mathematics in Chapter 1, and spent the first 120 pages reeling from notations that I hadn't read before. After the "Introductory [...]

    8. Although well written and thorough with some delicious humor, this did not meet up to my expectations. I did learn a few things about this and that (not the least tree traversals) but much space was wasted on superfluous detail. For instance I did not care squat for the MIX assembly language code examples that took up page after page. Personally I'm very interested in math, but there was also a disconnect between the chapters on background theory and the later ones on algorithms.

    9. Incredible resource for a self-taught programmer! I love the depth and precision of Knuth's mind and exposition.MIX, while old in design, is more than sufficient and can easily be replaced by the enterprising user with a modern tool.Doing all of the exercises is a tall order but I did do the majority of the "light" ones and a good number of the difficult problems.I highly recommend Don's books.

    10. Amazing monograph on computer science, very didactically written. With well-thought structure and great excercises, it is perfectly suitable as a textbook for two full courses, as well as a textbook for independent study. The excercises themselves, especially from the first chapter, provide great entertainment for the so inclined reader, in many areas of mathematics.

    11. More elegant science writing - one of the deep, foundational thinkers in Computer Science. Packed with insight, rigour, and interesting mathematical puzzles (I love mathematics, but usually I find mathematical puzzles very uninteresting.)And a ditto goes to Volumes 2 and 3.

    12. It's a nice refresher for some essential math skills. Besides that it contains good info basic data structures. Too much detail for me personally. But when a problem arises that requires such detail, I will have the solution right there on my bookshelf. :)On to volume two! Yay!

    13. I thought this would be more informative and instructive from a beginners, or at least intermediate point of understanding, but it was like trying to read med papers if you haven't gone to med school.

    14. Jangan berharap menemukan puisi di buku ini. Tahukah siapa penulisnya? Profesor di bidang Matematika. Buku ini lebih enak buat bantal daripada dibaca. Gedubrak, isinya notasi matematika semua .

    15. Reading this book once is not enough. It's an amazing piece that everyone should read, or at least skim through. There are so great tips and insights I've never seen elsewhere, and reading the whole thing just opens up your mind to a lot of things.

    16. A must have book for anybody seriously interested in programming. There is a reason why Professor Knuth has been called the "Grandfather of Programming".

    17. Chiaramente, il giudizio sui libri di informatica segue metri diversi da quelli sui romanzi Nel suo genere, questo libro è un capolavoro inarrivabile.

    18. Obviously a classic but a really hard read due to everything being written in MIX - would much prefer pseudo-code.

    19. Difficult, instructive, intelligent, amusing and brain-numbing - all rolled-in-to-one in this classic of CS. Buy it, read a page at a sitting and savor it - this is a book read over 5 years.

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