Pot Inc.: Inside Medical Marijuana, America's Most Outlaw Industry

Pot Inc Inside Medical Marijuana America s Most Outlaw Industry Greg Campbell coauthor of the best selling Flawless and Blood Diamonds presents a compelling close up investigation of a hot button topic America s schizophrenic attitude to the legalization of pot

  • Title: Pot Inc.: Inside Medical Marijuana, America's Most Outlaw Industry
  • Author: Greg Campbell
  • ISBN: 9781402779251
  • Page: 419
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Greg Campbell, coauthor of the best selling Flawless and Blood Diamonds, presents a compelling, close up investigation of a hot button topic America s schizophrenic attitude to the legalization of pot Campbell, a suburban father whose biggest vice is a cold beer, seems like the last person who would grow weed in his basement, but his attitude changed in 2009, when his hoGreg Campbell, coauthor of the best selling Flawless and Blood Diamonds, presents a compelling, close up investigation of a hot button topic America s schizophrenic attitude to the legalization of pot Campbell, a suburban father whose biggest vice is a cold beer, seems like the last person who would grow weed in his basement, but his attitude changed in 2009, when his home state of Colorado led the nation in mainstreaming medical marijuana Watching with fascination as above board and financially thriving dispensaries popped up everywhere, Campbell wondered, Why not me Pot of Gold chronicles Greg s journey into DIY ganjapreneurealism, as he learns how to cultivate marijuana, examines America s often unduly harsh laws, and unearths ignorance about pot s centuries old therapeutic value ignorance the government is desperate to maintain Along the way, he also gains a very personal insight into the drug s medicinal value that shapes his opinion about legalization.

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    1. The premise: a somewhat straight-laced suburban dad, at the height of the Colorado medical marijuana frenzy, decides to become a medical marijuana "patient" and quasi-legally grow pot in his basement as part of his research for the book. What follows is a sometimes serious, often hilarious look at how pot became an outlaw drug, why it helps so many patients with serious illnesses when nothing else can and, of course, pot culture. The author did a great job of presenting research on the effects o [...]

    2. By turns informative and amusing, Campbell takes us along on his foray into growing medical marijuana in Colorado. The whipsawing legislation of the time period was covered very thoroughly. I think that the US is on a clear path to legalize weed, and I also think it's high time. Campbell lays out the statistics about marijuana and health clearly and convincingly- though I didn't need convincing. I'd like to see him write a follow-up now that Colorado has legalized marijuana for everyone.

    3. An important book, not as fact heavy as Why Our Drug Laws Have Failed and What We Can Do About It: A Judicial Indictment of the War on Drugs. But it is still strewn throughout with facts about cannabis and focuses on the one drug instead of covering the entire war on drugs. Detailing the roller coaster of state laws on medical marijuana Greg Campbell explores cannabis, why it should be legalized, its benefits, and a diary of his experience with growing the plant in his house. A history of the sm [...]

    4. Alternately laugh-out-loud funny and thought-provoking, this well-written book explores a mostly-sober suburbanite's entrance into the medical marijuana business in his home state of Colorado. While the author is probably only preaching to the choir, his stories have the potential to make even a virulent anti-cannabis crusader rethink his position.Interestingly, Colorado, along with Washington, took another leap forward in the pot wars this past election cycle, when both states passed initiative [...]

    5. An excellent read, thoroughly researched, bits of humor. Even the legislative parts are very palatable. If you staunchly oppose medical marijauna, then not even this book will change your mind. However, if you are less than well informed and/or aren't really sure what medical marijauna can do for the ill, then this book is the one to read.If you don't come away with a sensible desire, or at least a bit of compassion, to help those keep what is often the only relief they can find, accesible and a [...]

    6. Very well written! Entertaining and informative. Thank you for the Endnotes. Reading the book and verifying your resources made me angrier than ever about this issue. I have a child, now a man who has severe Crohn's and his only relief comes from these meds. The Feds shutting down dispensaries made it impossible for him to go the legal route and now has to rely on substandard and unreliable resources.

    7. A very informative exposé of the world of medical marijuana. Also gives a very detailed outline of the history of the "drug", as well as some very humorous stories from the author's own personal experience with it. Highly recommended to any enthusiasts of the pot movement, or anyone just looking to shed some light on the subject.

    8. Very informative on the history of marijuana in America, why it became illegal, and what's being done to make it legal for medical use. The author's personal journey to enter the world of medical marijuana was most enjoyable, and humorous. A bit dry on all the legislation successes and failures of medicinal marijuana but easy to skip over it.

    9. Pot, Inc.: Inside Medical Marijuana, America's Most Outlaw Industry by Greg Campbell (Sterling 2012)(615.592) is the first book to explore the evolution of cannabis laws in Colorado. My rating: 7/10, finished 12/2/12.

    10. While the temptation to pepper this review with "dude" humor is strong, it would be a disservice to a well researched, well written account of marihuana laws in the U.S. Highly informative (pun probably not intended), it delves deeply into the current politics of pot.

    11. An outstanding overview of the history, criminalization, and current efforts to decriminalize Cannabis, told with a sly humor. A fun and eye-opening read!

    12. Entertaining to read, and so informational. Whether you do/don't smoke marijuana I would definitely recommend reading this just to get accurate information on WHY it became a Schedule 1 drug (hint: it has nothing to do with the ACTUAL properties of the drug) and a very candid view of the legalization process in Colorado. The author does a great job about displaying how ludacris War on Drugs is without condoning the opposite- a complete free for all on the use of marijuana. Parents should read th [...]

    13. enjoyed this immensely because of how much research the author did. It was funny in a lot of places which made it fun to read. the author did a good job of delivering all the facts to the arguments for and against and I learned a lot of interesting things I didn't already know. it will be interesting to see where we are as a country lion this issue in ten years.

    14. An accessible snapshot of the medical cannabis industry/movement in Colorado with some history and law enforcement perspectives thrown in for balance. It's especially interesting to see how things have progressed in Colorado since this book was published. Even if you don't typically read nonfiction that much, you'll like this one.

    15. A good look into the politics and hypocricies of cannabis legislation as well as information about why this plant has such a sorrid history in the US. If you're pro-legalization (and even if you're not) it's a great sorce of data.

    16. A very informative look at marijuana, its history, its uses, its users, and the social and political forces at work around it written by a narrator who at the cusp of his project with medical marijuana actually doesn't have a particular fondness for it.

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