Your Personal Penguin

Your Personal Penguin Your Personal Penguin is an irrepressible read aloud listen along favorite for young children and the grown ups who read to them Fun to hold the book tells the story of a slightly bewildered hippo

  • Title: Your Personal Penguin
  • Author: Sandra Boynton
  • ISBN: 9780761143727
  • Page: 176
  • Format: Board Book
  • Your Personal Penguin is an irrepressible, read aloud, listen along favorite for young children and the grown ups who read to them Fun to hold, the book tells the story of a slightly bewildered hippo and the loyal penguin who wants nothing than to be his pal Now, lots of other penguins seem to be fine in a universe of nothing but ice But if I could be yours, and youYour Personal Penguin is an irrepressible, read aloud, listen along favorite for young children and the grown ups who read to them Fun to hold, the book tells the story of a slightly bewildered hippo and the loyal penguin who wants nothing than to be his pal Now, lots of other penguins seem to be fine in a universe of nothing but ice But if I could be yours, and you could be mine, Our cozy little world would be twice as nice I want to be Your Personal Penguin The original song Your Personal Penguin, sung by Davy Jones of The Monkees, is available for download.

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    • [PDF] ↠ Free Download î Your Personal Penguin : by Sandra Boynton ò
      176 Sandra Boynton
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    About “Sandra Boynton”

    1. Sandra Boynton

      Sandra Keith Boynton is a popular American humorist, songwriter, children s author and illustrator Boynton has written and illustrated than forty books for both children and adults, as well as over four thousand greeting cards, and four music albums Although she does not license her characters to be redrawn or adapted, she has herself designed for various companies calendars, wallpaper, bedding, stationery, paper goods, clothing, jewelry, and plush toys.

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    1. My wife just can't stop singing it to her husband. :DTeamed up with the tone that it is so beautifully sung, the lyrics make it one of those rhymes that get stuck in your mind.The twisting and turning lines are cute to say the very least.Simple verses, profound memories.

    2. I loved this one. Everyone should read this book and demand for a personal penguin and accept that personal penguin!Sings this song for you, Archit!!Youtube Link, You Have To Listen To It.

    3. A sweet, simple story that rivals our old Boynton favorite "snuggle puppy". The story is all about how much better things are when we are together. I love the page that says "I want to travel with you far and wide"ere is a drawing (same style as all Boynton books) of the hippo and the penguin in a hot air balloon with a real life photograph (a little blurry) of mountain tops and clouds in the background.With Snuggle Puppy, we never heard the songI made up my own tune for it. I tried to download [...]

    4. This is one of the books I read alle.time to my wee bitty boy. Boynton's books generally have a wonderful sense of whimsy and wistfulness that make them excellent to read (over and over). That being said, I haven't learned the song accompaniment because I always sing it to the tune of Depeche Mode's "Personal Jesus," which seems thematically fitting to the Penguin's serious boundary issues with Hippo. I usually end the tale by hypothesizing that Hippo might perhaps tell Penguin that they can be [...]

    5. Basically, a short book about a penguin explaining his undying (kinda stalkerish, I must say) affection for a hippo.Throughout the book, the hippo looks totally dumbstruck by all this attention.If you're coming at it from a different angle, I guess it might be kinda creepy (the scene with the penguin shining a flashlight at the sleeping hippo comes to mind), but as my nieces know this is Not Really Appropriate Behaviour that just, to them, makes it funnier.Found the song (downloadable somewhere) [...]

    6. I love this book! I have a copy of it at home! :)Read this to Rose for the first time 8/21/2015. So many baby smiles!

    7. I think this book is sorta meh, it's not a rollicking book rhyme scheme but more song lyrics. But Lars loves it. It's his first book that's a favorite.

    8. What we love about this book:-Upbeat, catchy singalong song.-Rhyming lyrics.-Lots of repetition of one line: "I want to be your personal penguin."-Colorful and adorable illustrations of the same two animal friends (a penguin and a hippo) on every page.-A social theme (friendship).Challenges:-You really do have to learn the song because the book reads oddly on its own.-A few of the pages are somewhat high-contrast (mostly black images on an all-white background), which I've read can cause sensory [...]

    9. From this book I learned that I love Boynton Silliness. And that Davy Jones from the Monkees still sings silly songs! Cutest pictures around. And a great book to share with loved ones.4/17/13 & 4/18/13: Letter P theme and I had to use this! Brought in my own board book, too. I read it first. I think the kids were wondering if they should be smiling or not. "Penguin? Hippo? What?" But they liked the pictures. Then I told them that the book was put to music. Yep--I'd brought in my iPod! I had [...]

    10. I don't know how Sandra Boynton does it, but I always enjoy her books. I wish I could pin point what it is about her writing style that I just love. Even though I can't put my finger on exactly why I love these books here are some things in her books I enjoy; The rhyming is always fun, the animal characters make me smile, the books seem to be just the right length for toddlers,and the stories really are just excellent. This book is so sweet with the almost love story kind of feel between penguin [...]

    11. Not my favorite of the Boynton books, but still cute. For whatever reason, this one features a penguin that wants to belong to a hippopotamus, thus the entire book repeats the phrase "I want to be your personal penguin" with occasional reasons why this should be allowed. Not practical or overly engaging, but cute none-the-less. We got the book originally because of Mercy's attachment to her stuffed penguin from her uncle. It took a little bit for her to warm up to this book, but she now happily [...]

    12. Why does this boardbook kill me? Well, the penguin makes an endearing case for friendship--he's sincere but has an edge of salesmanship that makes you smile (e.g. "Now there's a lot of other penguins out there") I think this is a great book to introduce the idea of friendship. In the boardbook genre--it ranks high for me.Oh, and you can download the original song (Davy Jones of The Monkeys) for free. Although, it's not that catchy.

    13. He just wants to be your personal penguin! From now on! Please?This is another win from Sandra Boynton. It's quirky enough to be hers but charming enough to be hers too. Who wouldn't want a personal penguin? I like that there's a downloadable version of the text put to music and sung by the now-deceased Davy Jones, but I kind of like even better making up our own tunes each time. (My version pales in comparison to The Wife's).

    14. I LOVE Sandra Boynton, and when I came across this story I was swept away. It has meaning for someone of any age. Children can enjoy it, and can sing along to it, and adults can relate personally to it. 'I want to be your personally penguin' Who can resit someone who loves you so much that in spite of all of their differences they want to travel with you to the ends of the earth and do things that you enjoy? I know I can't!

    15. This is a great book to read to the littlest ones. I've been reading it to my daughter since she was first born, and she loves it. It's become one of the staples to the bedtime routine. It's easily memorized as well, so even you don't have the book with you, you can tell the story over and over. And with all of Boynton's books it seems, the story is almost always sung, which is why my daughter likes it so much.

    16. I read this book with my 3 year old son in a bookstore years ago. I also found out about the song that night. About a year and a half later, I spent the evening of Thanksgiving with my daughter and son at the Kennedy Center watching Sandra Boynton and her children act out a variety of her books. The highlight of the evening was Davy Jones singing Personal Penguin. I love all of Sandra's books, but this and "But Not the Hippopotamus" are my favorites.

    17. Sandra Boynton is a genius and I am always in love with her adorable books. This book is no exception. Your personal penguin is maybe a little too long to be a traditional board book and this story was a little too repetitive to be a great group read-aloud, but it would make a terrific gift to a knew mom or you could even give it to a loved one on their anniversary.

    18. What can I say? I'm a sucker for cute, and this is a cute book. I think my favorite part is the illustration. It's wonderfully understated. The penguin and the hippo that the penguin is offering himself up to are both basically expressionless, but it just deepens the humor. Very funny little book. I wonder what the song that it's paired with sounds like.

    19. It's been a long time since I walked through a bookstore and browsed. The KitKatPandaBatWolf wanted to look at this with me. Ah, Boynton! We still love you, and your charming little (and big) animals, and the cute pajamas. I haven't yet listened to the song recorded by Davy Jones (of the Monkees! squee!), but I will.Maybe one never outgrows adorable board books?

    20. This is my least favorite of the Boynton books we own. Nothing in particular I dislike about it, I just like the others better. This one doesn't have the catchy rhythm I so love about her books. It does, however, include a download key so you can hear Davy Jones of the Monkees singing it in its entirety, and that is sort of cool.

    21. I know, it's a board book. But I bought it for Ozzie and have gone through I think 3 copies of it since then. Such a loving book to read to a little person, and all 3 of my kids have loved it. And occasionally I'll recite it (from memory!) to my husband, b/c it makes him smile goofy and I live for that.

    22. Since having children, I have become a fan of Sandra Boynton. This story in particular is cute. A penguin pleads to be adopted as an elephant's personal penguin. Frankly, this book would do well to introduce to my students of how to write a persuasive argument. The penguin doesn't beg, but rather provides reasons why the elephant should take him as a personal penguin.

    23. I have never read this book let alone any books by Sandra Boynton. The story line was very simple and I enjoyed the silly illustrations. This is a beginner level book but I really liked the way the author added in new vocabulary and repetition.

    24. As a father of two young girls I can assure you there is nothing more treasured then snuggling up with my little ones and reading a Sandra Boynton book. In honor of Davy Jones I strongly recommend this book and the mp3 download which is performed by the late Monkees lead singer.

    25. we love Sandra Boynton books and especially this one! There is a song available on line, but we prefer our own tune which is similar to actually, I can't remember what the orginal song was because all that comes into my head is ''I want to be your personal penguin"

    26. We love Sandra Boynton. Probably the best books to read out loud to your kids, many of them have sing along qualities. Now our kids have them memorized so the whole family repeats the book. Personal Penguin is sung at the top of our lungslove this book!

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