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  • Title: Rifts
  • Author: Kevin Siembieda
  • ISBN: 9780916211509
  • Page: 248
  • Format: Hardcover
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    Palladium Books Palladium Books Inc is the creator behind amazing titles including Rifts, Splicers, The Palladium Fantasy Role Playing Game, Nightbane, The Mechanoids, Chaos Earth, Dead Reign, and After the Bomb Beyond the Supernatural , Heroes Unlimited , and Ninjas Superspies. Rifts definition of rifts by The Free Dictionary rift r ft n A fissure, crack, or opening, as in rock A break in friendly relations a rift between siblings Geology An area where the lithosphere is thinning, typically associated with large faults and grabens v rifted, rifting, rifts vr To split open break. Rift Official Site RIFT . Crucia s Claw NOW LIVE Rise up and take the war to Crucia RIFT . Crucia s Claw, the newest update to Trion s critically acclaimed fantasy MMORPG, introduces a new player raid that pits the Ascended against Crucia s deadliest warriors and most cunning generals, as well as a brand new Soul the Mystic Archer, a mystical marksman that specializes in putting out Rifts role playing game Palladium Books Store Rifts Categories Humanity is risen from the apocalypse into a world of aliens, magic, and monsters What will become of them next Rift Define Rift at Dictionary the plane or direction along which a log or mass of granite can most easily be split. Rifts Wiki FANDOM powered by Wikia Savage Rifts brings the incredibly popular world of Palladium Books Rifts to the award winning Savage Worlds system by Pinnacle Entertainment Group The gates of the Megaverse bring infinite challenge and adventure to a war torn world struggling to build its future. Rift Rift Definition of Rift by Merriam Webster Noun The fight will only widen the rift with his brother the rift in the rock We could see some stars through the rifts in the clouds Scientists are studying the Mid Atlantic Rift. RIFT Play Now The RIFT Nightmare Tide expansion whisks you to new Zones, Dungeons, and Raids across the Plane of Water Level to with new Mastery Abilities, Minions, and in the Free to Play MMORPG

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    1. Kevin Siembieda

      Kevin Siembieda born April 2, 1956 is an American artist, writer, designer, and publisher of role playing games, as well as being the founder and president of Palladium Books.Palladium Books, founded in southeast Michigan, claims to be the first to implement a role playing system intended to work for all genres and to introduce the perfect bound trade paperback format to the RPG industry.Some of the role playing games Siembieda helped produce include Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Other Strangeness 1985 , Robotech RPG 1986 , After The Bomb 1986 , and Rifts 1990.Siembieda is also an artist, best known for occasionally illustrating Palladium Books products In 1978, he started the now defunct Megaton Publications in Detroit, publishing a digest style title called A Plus and several other titles He also contributed art and cartography to several early Judges Guild products for both their Traveller and Dungeons Dragons lines.

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    1. Very fantastic book that has aided my roleplaying campaign greatly. I hae been using this book since the day it came out.

    2. One Word - MEGADAMAGE27 December 2012 Well, I had to open this review with a motivational poster since I have yet to have done that with a book and I found this poster as I was looking for a picture of the cover to upload to . Well, there were other ones, but the cool one which said 'Live in Russia – why play post-apocalyptic fantasy games', wasn't working. That is an interesting thing though because we seem to love our post-apocalyptic wastelands, and while I would not necessarily say that Ru [...]

    3. When this book came out, my friends and I were playing the Robotech RPG from Palladium books. I picked up a copy of Rifts on day one, and instantly was drawn into the detailed world that Kevin and company had created. The mix of science fiction and fantasy was like nothing seen before, and the Palladium game engine, even with as much as people complain about it, was the perfect vehicle upon which to convey the story.The world setting is amazing. Detailed in all the right places, and left complet [...]

    4. I picked this up when I was 12 years old, not long after its initial release, and it opened up an entire world to me. For that, I will forever be grateful to Kevin. I recall years of imaginative exploration and excitement; late nights curled in a blanket with a dim light, feasting on the countless ideas, characters, and stories. For me, Rifts will forever be associated with child-like exploration.The game has its detractors, but because it's the one that I began with, I can hardly find much faul [...]

    5. Just finished reading this one again the other day. This is a rpg, so understand that. The system is awful but I have many fond memories of playing this game with friends, and soon will do so again. Rpgs are like fashion and music, they return to become new again. The thing about this book is the fluff and the limited art that makes it come alive. Such a wonderous setting and an apt playground to craft amazing stories you will always remember. Great stuff!Danny

    6. This book is the core rulebook for a role-playing game, so it's not a straightforward, cover-to-cover read. Based on my experience playing the game, I would offer the following: The world created by Kevin Siembieda is a fascinating, near endless one (as the many supplements show), full of inventive weapons and worlds - derivative on occasion, but still interesting - and perfect for adventures. The downside is an overly complex combat system, involving, for instance, three different levels of dam [...]

    7. This was an RPG I played as a teenager and followed into my 20s, going back and opening it up was like revisiting the past. What RPGs are based on is creating worlds that stories can be evolved within and the Rifts world does throw everything together in a post-apocalyptic world where technology and magic and dimensional beings all reside together. I really enjoyed using it to spark my imagination.

    8. Did not like this game at all. It gets 2 stars instead of one from me for trying to blend everything under the sun into one game, but it is that 'toss everything into the pot and see what happens' mentality that I thought failed here.

    9. I was always marginally aware of Rifts, since it's the crown jewel of the Palladium line, which I've used despite its bulky system, but I never actually investigated the setting of the core book. It's pretty interesting.

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